Bacoeng Ash Vacuum Review

By | 09.07.2020

Bacoeng ash vacuum is just as its name suggests, an ash collecting specialist! Ash vacuums are made for one specialized job, and are pretty simple in an overview. However, there are still many features you should be aware of in the Bacoeng ash vacuum before you purchase it.

Ash vacuum cleaner


Just like most models in the market, the Bacoeng ash vacuum is a canister vacuum. This means it has a standalone body with a long cord attached to the suction wand so you can use the mobility of the hose to get into all those small nooks and crannies where your arms wouldn’t normally be able to reach. However this model is a bit heavy due to its large capacity volume so you can’t carry it around easily, but it is equipped with wheels so it drags behind you automatically.

Motor Quality

For an ash collector like this model, it is important to have a powerful motor, and Bacoeng delivers in full. Just like the Powersmith PAVC102, this vacuum also has a 1200 watt and 10 ampere motor. This makes sure the suction is working perfectly and will pick up everything in its path. However, make sure you never vacuum hot ash, it will ruin the interior and motor of the device!

Additional Accessories

Double Filtration System

Ash vacuum cleaner
As the name suggests this filter makes sure that as you clean, no dust or soot flies around the room and is harmful to you when you breathe in. This feature is especially useful for people with allergies. Often people complain that this system gets clogged but don’t worry there is an easy way around it. In just three steps you can get the filter to work as good as new:

1. Remove any debris with a dry brush
2. Use an air compressor to blow away any particles you may have missed
3. Remove the Dacron filter and wash it with water

Brushes and Nozzle

For a perfect clean up setting you need multiple nozzles and brushes which you can easily replace on the hose. However these are not available with the standard model, so if you want the whole package you will need to invest a bit more for the advanced version.
Support Team
If you ever have any trouble with your machine Bacoeng has a fantastic support team which you can contact via email at


● Powerful suction ability
● Large capacity
● Dual filtration system
● Not loud


● No accessories in the standard version
● Only for cold ash (max temperature at 40◦ C)


The Bacoeng ash vacuum definitely has the power to get the job done where ash removal is required. While it is definitely one of our favorite ash cleaners it is a bit annoying that you have to wait for the stove to cool down before you can get the whole cleanup process over with. Not to mention that you have to invest in a whole new model to make use of the fancy accessories.

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