Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Review

By | 16.08.2020

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is a commercial grade upright vacuum cleaner designed for use in carpet deep cleaning. It can clean a wide array of surfaces with a single press of a button. Many customers are delighted that it provides good suction power without much struggling. You can use it to clean places that have large areas to cover such as office building, hospital, and large house.

Oreck vacuum


Works on Carpet and Non Carpeted Surfaces

It works great on wood floors, tiled floors, and carpeted surface. It can make a smooth transition from carpet to bare floor without any hassle. The non marring bumpers prevent your floor from getting any damage.

Very Strong Suction

Oreck XL2100RHS can produce large suction that not just suck dust but also larger particles. It can also effectively suck pet hair that is embedded on the carpet thanks to the 12 inch brush roll. With bristles that spin at 6500 rpm, almost all kinds of dirt can be sucked into the bag. It also comes with a side edge brush that can bend 90 degree angle for cleaning baseboards and corners. This is the upright vacuum cleaner that you will want to get if you need to frequently clean the wall to wall carpeting in your office. You should push it front way and not side way for it to suck up all the debris on the floor efficiently.

35 Foot Long Cord

Since it is a commercial vacuum cleaner, it comes with an extra-long cord measuring up to 35 feet. It can be a difficult task to find power outlets nearby when you have to vacuum a large area. Such situations make it necessary to own a vacuum cleaner with an extra-long cord. It gives you the feasibility to plug into one power socket in a room and vacuum every corner of your house. However, if you want a vacuum cleaner without a cord, then pay attention to Tineco A10 Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

Simple Design

Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS has a simple construction and you only need to install two screws to assemble it. The low profile design allows you to vacuum tight spaces under the furniture. The on/off buttons are within your reach on the handle. The handle moves easily without causing any fatigue on the hand. You will not have to squeeze your hand or bending your wrist when maneuvering it. This is a plus for people who suffer from arthritis and cannot handle heavy object. The Helping Hand handle can become flat by simply turning the handle sideways. It is this feature that the vacuum cleaner won the Ease of Use recognition from the Arthritis Foundation.


It is a light vacuum cleaner that you can easily push around without feeling tiresome. It weighs just 8.2 pounds which is half the weight of other industrial graded upright vacuum cleaners. The lightweight feature makes it suitable for seniors who live alone and need to do the vacuuming by themselves.

Large Cleaning Path

The product provides a large cleaning path of up to 12 inch. The large cleaning path is the reason why it is more efficient for cleaning low pile carpets compared to the canister vacuum cleaner.

Removable Disposable Bag

Oreck Vacuum Cleaner

It comes with a 11 qt. disposable bag that can be removed and discarded when it is filled. This means you don’t have to clean the whole bag after using it. Each bag is usable for up to 5 – 10 sessions so there is no need to constantly empty the bag after use. The inner bag is equipped with the Saniseal system which will automatically seal and close the bag when it full and need to be removed. The disposable bag is treated with antibacterial agent that will protect you against getting allergy infections while you are removing it. The hypoallergenic bags are cheap and can be easily purchased online. Usually, it comes in a lot of 25 pieces. You can also buy them in a bundle with the vacuum cleaner at a discount price from the store. Alternatively, you can buy your own HEPA bags to be used with the cleaner.



Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS can get very loud and make a lot of vibration noises when it is turned on. To overcome this problem, you can wear earplugs to protect your hearing while using it.

No Accessories

It does not come with any accessory so it is not suitable for cleaning the stairs or upholstery.

Heavy Cord

It does not have any cord rewind feature so you will have to wrap the cords all around the handle when you want to keep it away for storage. With 35 foot long cord, you can expect that it will be tiresome to carry the cord and wrap around the handle.

Lousy Screw

Some people complain the screw that attach the metal handle to the plastic tube on the vacuum cleaner is not sturdy. As a result, you may find yourself constantly have to flex the cleaner during vacuuming. Frequent use may cause the metal handle to come off.

Terrible Bag Attachment

The bag attachment is also not sturdy enough. It will keep dangling while you are push the vacuum cleaner on the floor. If the bag drop, all the dust will come out and scatter all over the place.

Only Have One Speed

There is only one speed and it has no button to turn on the brush roll. Therefore, it may not suitable for people who want to vacuum expensive bare flooring.

1 Year Warranty

It comes with a short 1 year warranty for commercial use only. If you find fault with it, make sure to contact the customer service and they will get it fixed promptly.

Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


In conclusion, Oreck XL2100RHS is an affordable yet efficient vacuum cleaner for home owners who own big houses. It is perfect for deep cleaning pet hair off hardwood and carpeted floors. It will also work on tiled floor. You will have to look somewhere else if you own expensive flooring and want a vacuum cleaner that can provide more advanced deep cleaning.

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