Makita DRC200Z – The best robot vacuum cleaner for garage floors

By | 07.07.2020

Robotic vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning individual households. There is a wide range of products for you to choose from, and it can be daunting to find the right one out of so many models based on your requirements. However, if you are looking for something to keep your factory, garage, office space, warehouse, or other commercial premises effectively clean and hygienic, apparently, you have no choice but to pick Makita DRC200Z. It is the only true industrial robotic vacuum cleaner solution with sufficient specifications in order to clean large spaces efficiently, unlike the lesser-capable ones designed for domestic usage, making Makita DRC200Z the best robot vacuum cleaner for garage floors.

Makita DRC200Z overview

Being an innovative robot vacuum cleaner, the Makita DRC200Z comes with a unique brushless design. Its parallel battery configuration is also the result of its unique design. Yes, it is not a small or the most affordable automated cleaning machine in the world, but it is way more powerful than other robotic vacs.
The experts call it the best robot vacuum for garage floors, industries, and other commercial places. You get a wireless remote controller to control this machine. Its dual-side brushes, power brush, and cool running motor allow this automated cleaner to clean longer than other similar machines.

Warehouse cleaning robot
Since Makita DRC200Z is a device designed to be used for commercial purposes, it is relatively larger in size compared to its domestic counterparts and comes with a quite humongous measurement of 460x460x180. Its outer body is made out of lightweight and durable plastic material, yet weighs a massive 7.8kg, which speaks for the quality and sturdiness of its internal components. With a sizeable 2.5 liters dust container inside the vacuum cleaner, it’s big enough to be used in space-constrained residential homes where it will struggle to crawl under low height furniture. Its wider surface area will not be ideal for your home carpet as well, where it can create a 7mm pile. Additionally, Makita DRC200Z features a powerful motor, which, although, is suitable for business spaces, can be irritatingly noisy and will wake your child up and annoy the neighbors. You can consider Coredy R500+ instead, which is smaller and quieter, yet capable enough to keep a big home clean.

Setup and settings

Best robot vacuum for garage floors
Simple setup makes Makita DRC200Z quite a user-friendly bot cleaner. It probably has the simplest setup because you won’t be dealing with apps and WiFi connectivity to operate this machine.
You just need to unbox it, install the brushes, attach the batteries, and then press the power button two times. The setup is done, and now the bot is ready to embark on its maiden cleaning voyage.
You should read the manual before you turn on this cleaning giant. The manual reveals that the floor must be clear of chairs, cables, and other things that might get drawn towards this robot’s brushes.
It is a smart cleaning machine because it won’t sit quietly if it gets stuck somewhere on your floor. It will loudly beep for help so that it can resume the cleaning work again. Remove the tools and machines spread on the garage or your industrial floor and then let this cleaner roam freely. It will remove everything contaminating your floor.

This robotic vac can easily clean the area up to 500 square meters once fully charged. Its time-delay cleaning feature is amazing because you can delay cleaning for 1, 3, or 5 hours. You can control it remotely through its remote controller and guide this machine for better cleaning.

Cleaning performance

Let’s begin with navigation. This robotic vacuum cleaner uses ultrasonic sensors to move across the target cleaning area. Those sensors are located at the front side of the bump rail, and their position allows them to work flawlessly. This bot can easily make its way around furniture and other sorts of obstacles.
Makita DRC200Z’s movements may seem very robotic because it will move in a back-and-forth motion. It may bump and bang against the wall or other obstacles, and that’s how it finds its way towards debris. This machine allows you to select between random and pattern cleaning modes. Whatever mode you select, the bot will clean in that way.

Industrial robot vacuum
Other robot vacuums cannot match the cleaning capacity of this warehouse cleaning robot. Its powerful suction mechanism allows it to pick all the dirt and debris from the floor. It is so powerful that it can also pull cables and small tools if you forgot to remove them. Therefore, you should clear large objects from the floor before you turn on this vacuum cleaner. It will vacuum anything you left on the floor and that you won’t want after buying such a powerful cleaning machine.

Suction power

The Makita DRC200Z industrial robot vacuum is equipped with two 18V 4,000mAh Li-ion batteries. In other words, it can use an incredible amount of power to clean your floor. The batteries take 30 minutes to charge if you are using the correct charger, and then this machine can resume the cleaning work.

It can work for almost three hours once fully charged. It will clean approximately 500sq-m area during that time, and its 0.3m/sec running speed makes it one of the best industrial robotic vacuum cleaners in the market.


• Can clean up to 5,380 sq-feet of the hard floor once fully charged.
• Is equipped with two powerful 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries.
• Runs approximately 200 minutes continuously on hard floors.
• Is equipped with a BL Brushless motor, which stays cool and provides more power.
• Three-stage cleaning mechanism.
• Fast battery charging capacity.


• Often gets stuck.
• Brushes wear quickly on rough surfaces.
• You will have to buy the batteries and charger separately.
• Sensors won’t work properly under bright sunlight.
• Not suitable for household use!

Final thoughts

It’s a shame that despite being such a capable robotic vacuum cleaning workhorse, the Makita DRC200Z is not a perfect model to be used in a domestic environment. It will be great if Makita engineers go back to the drawing board and come up with a model less noisy and a bit smaller, but almost as powerful and efficient – that will be an instant pick any day.

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