Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR Review

By | 25.02.2021

Robot cleaners are certainly an innovation – there is, however, one thing that could make them better. If only they could drive themselves to the rubbish bin and empty themselves, life would be so much easier. Well, Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR can actually do that – partially, true, but at least you will not have to worry about dirt and debris for up to 30 days. Now, what else should you know about Shark’s fully featured gadget?

Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR sizing standards and capabilities

Measuring 12.9×12.6×3.5 inches, the UR1000SR is standard for this industry. Many cleaners in this price range – especially from Shark – follow similar sizing standards. The unit is relatively low and can go under tables, beds or other pieces of furniture, as long as the clearance is good enough. Its sensors will detect furniture legs too, meaning it will never get stuck in hardly accessible areas.

Shark IQ UR1000SR

Now, since it is round, you probably ask yourself – how is it going to reach corners? Obviously, it will not, but Shark has already thought about this issue associated with robot cleaners. Slowly becoming a standard in this industry, this cleaner comes with a couple of spinning side brushes. They get out on the sides, so they can pull dirt from edges and corners closer to the suction area.

Suction features

The suction is one of the first things you want to know about – no matter how many fancy features a cleaner comes with, a poor suction will make everything useless. The UR1000SR is probably the top of the range option coming from Shark. It has an incredible suction – just place your hand by the suction area and you will convince yourself. It will take both small and large crumbs.

It is pointless to mention that it works wonders on hard floors – even the cheapest units out there can pick up dirt from hard floors. The real test is on carpets and this model will not disappoint you. It does a pretty good job at picking up pet hair too, but it is not specifically designed with such purposes.

In other words, it might struggle a little if you have high carpets and the hair is stuck in there – you might want to try out Shark TruePet NV752, which was specifically created to grab pet hair from the most unusual places.

Self-cleaning capabilities

These are some of the things that make Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR stand out in the crowd. First, you got the brush roll, which will ensure long hair is removed from it before it tangles – no more scissors are required to cut long hair stuck on it. Such wraps are some of the most annoying cleaning procedures when it comes to brushes.

Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR

Then, while many robot cleaners come with internal containers that must be checked regularly (they are not transparent and you cannot see how much free space there is at a glance), this cleaner does things differently. When it is full, it will go to the base by itself. It will empty the container and go back to where it was. The base container is large enough and can take up to a full month of regular cleaning – obviously, that container must be emptied manually every now and then.

Talking about cleaning, you should also know that Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR features a high efficiency filter that will be able to trap allergens, pet dander and dust particles – no more releasing dust through a vent like your classic vacuum cleaner.

Scheduling features and connectivity

You do not necessarily have to move your cleaner from one room to another or remember to turn it on while you watch a movie or get to work. Instead, schedule it to start cleaning by itself. Set the time and the cleaner will leave the dock and focus on the problematic areas. The unit comes with its own application – Shark Clean, downloadable for free. You have access to a bunch of different settings there.

Furthermore, you can also control it through your voice. It is compatible with Alexa, so you can simply give it voice commands.

Shark UR1000SR

Recharging functionality

There is no need to worry about charging the cleaner the night before cleaning day or so. Instead, turn it on and set it to clean. If it runs out of battery, it will retain just enough to go back to the base – it will know precisely how much power it needs to reach the base. Once at the base, it will charge and restart from where it left.

Mapping features

Shark IQ UR1000SR robot vacuum

Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR features a total home mapping function. You basically let the robot map your entire home. Once you are done, it will know precisely where most obstacles are and how to clean the house in the right order. Furthermore, you do not necessarily need to go through the whole home anyway. For example, how much vacuuming do you need in that guest bedroom that you barely walk into? Instead, you can see a whole map of the home and tell the cleaner which rooms to go for.

When you let it clean the whole house, it will take one room at a time.


• Excellent on hard floors, very good on carpets
• Can clean its brush roll by itself
• Will empty its container by itself when full
• Great mapping capabilities
• Filter can trap allergens, dust and pet dander too


• Making the transition from hard floors to tall rugs could be a bit difficult


As a short final conclusion, Shark IQ Robot UR1000SR does stand out in the crowd. It does a good job on both hard floors and carpets. It has side brushes to reach corners and a great connectivity. While not perfect against dog hair trapped in tall rugs, it can grab most hair from regular carpets. The possibility to clean by itself is one of its best features – just let it run and mind your own business.

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