Sweepovac SVP SL2 Undercounter Kitchen Vacuum Review

By | 18.01.2021

The Sweepovac SVP SL2 undercounter kitchen vacuum has gained quite some notoriety recently due to its convenience and easy reach. It has to be fitted in, but it is easy to install and it is relatively compact, so it can go under pretty much any type of cabinet. It works wonders in the kitchen, but it is just as handy in other rooms – make sure it can match the décor though.

Other than that, its suction power and capabilities are not to be overlooked either. What really makes the difference is the possibility to turn it on or off with your toe only – no need to bend over to control it. Simply put, if you are after a new vacuum cleaner to ease your cleaning operations, this unit will make your day. So, what else should you expect from it?

Sweepovac SVP SL2 vacuum

Features of Sweepovac KickVac

Built in profile

The Sweepovac KickVac cleaner is certainly an innovation. While designed for the kitchen, this unit can go anywhere. However, the kitchen sees lots of traffic, spills, crumbs and so on. Therefore, it makes the ideal appliance – no need to bring the vacuum cleaner from another room to sort the mess out.

Second, turn it on and off with a toe kick, grab the hose and move around. While you can still vacuum the rest of your house with portable units, chances are your kitchen could do with a cleaning procedure once a day or once every few days – how convenient is it?

Sweepovac kickvac for kitchen
Third, you love innovation, right? You love convenience and you like the idea of being the first to have such a built in vacuum cleaner. Who else has one? No one you know. Your friends will be fascinated by how convenient a built in cleaner is.

Now, is the Sweepovac SVP SL2 undercounter kitchen vacuum worth the hassle?

Smart bags

The bags are not smart enough to empty themselves, but they are smartly designed and they feature antibacterial capabilities. The dirt is sealed in such a manner that nothing will get out of the bags. It makes no difference if you have some dog poop to vacuum or some rotten food. Nothing will permeate through those bags. Emptying them is just as simple – they are less likely to spill over or cause a cloud of dust.

In terms of smartness, these bags feature an indicator light based on sensors. A light will turn on whenever the bag is almost full, so you are less likely to overfill it. Ignore the light and the dirt will damage your vacuum cleaner overtime. Simply pull the tray out, take the bag out and empty it.

Durable design

The Sweepovac KickVac features a built in design – you do not want an appliance that will break down after a year. You do not want unscrewing things and plates, only to find another model that will match the same opening – too much hassle.

Sweepovac SVP SL2
Instead, you want a durable unit and this cleaner will not let you down. Based on hard plastic components, it is built with durability in mind – make sure you look after it though, as plastic is still fragile and can crack when under pressure.

The motor requires little to no maintenance – simply make sure you empty those bags on time to avoid overspilling inside the appliance. Talking about the motor, it is powerful enough at 650 watts and can easily compete against high end portable vacuum cleaners.

Convenient use

In terms of convenience, you can use the kitchen vacuum in two different ways. You can bring the dirt close to it and turn it on – it will suck everything in front of it. Second, you can get the hose and move around your kitchen with it – quite convenient if you have to vacuum surfaces like upholstery or carpets.

While suitable for all kinds of dirt and dust, it is not that good on wet surfaces. Although it features a powerful suction, a bit of brushing might be needed to remove pet hair. If you want something to handle pet hair more efficiently, you might want to look into the EyeVac Pet Touchless vacuum cleaner, which is specifically designed for such issues.

Long hose

You can bring dirt and crumbs close to the vacuum cleaner, but the hose is more convenient when you need to cover a long distance. Brushing dirt all over the kitchen might be exhausting and annoying – take the hose out instead. It is designed to handle both middle sized and large kitchens, as the hose measures 18 feet in length. In other words, you can also go around furniture or even vacuum tall surfaces, such as your ceiling or your table.

Sweepovac undercounter kitchen hose

Easy installation

You do not have to be an expert to install the Sweepovac SVP SL2 undercounter kitchen vacuum. Sure, you can call a professional handyman to help you out, but the operation is straightforward and does not require any help. You will need the following tools:

• Screwdriver
• Reciprocating saw
• Drilling machine
• Marking pen
• Sweepovac template that is included in the package

Choose the location. The unit should go in an easily accessible place – you want to be able to spread the hose over the entire kitchen, so an island would be ideal.

Once you are done with the location, grab the marking pen and trace an outline of the template from the package.

Sweepovac kitchen vacuum installation

Grab the drilling machine and come up with a couple of holes on the top corners. Use the reciprocating saw to cut around the template and come up with the space for the vacuum cleaner.

Sweepovac kickvac kitchen installation

Slide the vacuum cleaner inside the slot. Remove the faceplate using the Allen wrench included in the package, attach the unit onto the wall with the four screws and put the faceplate back on. Put the bag at the back and you are ready to go.

Sweepovac undercounter kitchen vacuum installation

The package will also contain a height adjuster. Use it to make sure that your cleaner is perfectly straight before actually installing it.

Sweepovac undercounter kitchen vacuum installation

Get the cord and plug it in the closest outlet – the other end goes into one of the corners of the cutout. The cord measures 10 feet, so you should not have too many problems finding an outlet in this range.

Pros and Cons


• Quick and easy to install
• Toe kicking operation
• Long hose to cover the whole kitchen
• Durable, solid and well put together
• Powerful motor


• Limited in space coverage

Sweepovac SVP SL2 Conclusion

Bottom line, the Sweepovac KickVac is likely to change the way you clean your home. It may take a while to get used to its operation, but it will definitely impress you with its convenience – whether you install it inside your home or recreational vehicle.

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