Hoover UH71250 Windtunnel 2 Review

By | 24.07.2020

Here is a powerful and user-friendly vacuum cleaner that can reach all four corners of your house. Hoover UH71250 Windtunnel is designed by Hoover, keeping in mind the difficulty in finding an all-in-one vacuum cleaner. From the floor surface to your ceiling, this vacuum cleaner can clean them all. To know more about this cleaning device, read our review.

Hoover UH71250 Windtunnel 2

Product Description

Hoover UH71250 is an upright, bagless vacuum cleaner for cleaning every surface of the house. With the hassle-free cord rewind function, you don’t have to worry about wrapping and to store the cord.
With a powerful HEPA filter, you can ensure a safe house for your kids and pets. It filters and removes 99.9% dust and debris. It can reach up to 16 feet of cleaning area to help you clean even the walls and ceilings. Using the multiple tools available with this device, you can clean every space and part of the house. It works on Windtunnel 2 technology. It helps to create two channels of suction for deep cleaning.

Hoover Windtunnel 2 Features

Extended Cleaning Reach:

The cleaning reach of this device is 16 feet. You can easily use different types of cleaning wands and attachments to clean every part of the house. UH71250 can be used to clean the ceiling as well as the ceiling fan with its extended reach.

Deep Cleaning Power

It is made with Windtunnel 2 technology, which helps to clean even the deepest dust and debris. It creates two channels of suction, which such out all the dust situated deep inside the floor or carpet. Even the toughest and smallest particle of dirt can be easily removed.

Optimized Cleaning and Pet Turbo Tool

There is a multi-floor brush roll in the device that helps you to change the cleaning function. You can turn the brush roll on for cleaning carpets. It will help in optimized cleaning. For floors, you can turn it off to prevent scattering of dust.

You will get a pet turbo tool with Hoover UH71250 Windtunnel 2, which helps to remove pet hair. You can clean the stairs as well as upholstery to remove all the pet hair from the house.

Pet Turbo Tool

Crevice Tool

With this long and narrow tool, you can clean even the cracks and crevices in your house. It can easily fit in the smallest corner and clean it thoroughly. You can use it for cleaning small holes and under the furniture as well.


It has 25 feet power cord, which helps to move around the house easily. This cord automatically rewinds by pressing a simple button. You don’t have to waste your time wrapping it and storing it. It directly goes inside the vacuum cleaner.

Suction Power

Hoover vacuum cleaner
It works on multi-cyclonic technology. It helps to maintain the suction power for a long time. You don’t have to worry about the loss of suction or reduced suction power while cleaning.

Allergen Block Technology

It uses Allergen Block technology to capture dust, pet dander, and all the other impurities. It also helps to remove pollen to avoid allergy. It is perfect for pets. Hoover Windtunnel 2 also includes Odor-Absorbing Carbon, which helps to remove pet odor from your house.

Dirt-Cup and HEPA Media Filter

The dirt cup has a capacity of 1.29 liters. It is transparent so that you can see if it is full. You can easily release it from the bottom to clear out the dust.

It uses a HEPA filter to clean 99.9% dust and impurities from the house. It filters the dust to kill all the germs and bacteria.


This vacuum cleaner includes components like crevice tool, pet turbo tool, pivoting dusting brush, live hose, 25 feet cord rewind, performance check indicator, dirt cup, etc.

Pros and Cons


• Retractable Power Chord: The power cord is retractable. You don’t have to wrap it store it. By simply pressing the rewind button, the cord will go inside the device on its own.
• Good for Pets: It is good for pets as it removes all the dust and allergens from the house. It also helps to remove pet odor and pollens. You can clean pet hair from for couch and carpets by using this device.
• Long Hose: The cleaning hose is quite long, helping to reach far off corners and places. It can reach up to 16 feet of height to clean all dust and debris.
• Tools: It includes three tools that help in complete cleaning. You can use a pet turbo tool for cleaning pet hair. You can use the crevice tool to clean the cracks, crevice, and corners. You can use pivoting dusting tools to clean fans, light, fixtures, and ceiling.
• Multiple Technology: This vacuum cleaner works on multiple technologies like allergen Block Technology, Windtunnel 2 technology, and Multi-cyclonic technology to make cleaning easy and hassle-free.


• Short Power Cord: The power cord is short compared to other vacuum cleaners. You cannot move in throughout the house without changing the outlet.
• Heavy: It is quite heavy. It would help if you put a lot of effort to carry it from one floor to another because of its weight.
• Warranty: This vacuum cleaner only provides a 1-year warranty. Other devices provide at least two years of warranty.

This is our review of the Hoover UH71250 vacuum cleaner. Overall it is a good device for cleaning small houses with pets. The cord length can be improved.

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