Shop-Vac 5986200 Review – Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

By | 29.04.2020

The invention of AI technology and the constantly evolving dynamics of automatic processing has brought about a revolutionary change in our daily lives. An increasing number of gadgets these days are powered by latest AI tech thereby opening a new dimension to a whole range of products in the market.

The AI has made a profound impact to the modern generation of gadgets and equipments with an increasing number of manufacturers now choosing this technology to power their devices. The vacuum cleaners are a good example of AI powered devices providing effective solutions in our daily lives.

Shop-Vac 5986200 Review: Main Features

There are a number of vacuum cleaner models available in the market made by different manufacturers. These models and products differ based on their specs, features, build quality and pricing amongst other factors. The Shop Vac 5986200 is one of the popular products in the market and the manufacturer has sold considerable units of this product. Now let us have a look at this unit’s features, specs and cons as we review it comprehensively so that you can understand the different aspects of the product including the pros and the cons.

Vacuum cleaner Shop Vac 5986200
Suction power: Many people think that the vacuum cleaner can only be as good as motor which powers it. This particular model is rated with peak hovering around 6, that is essentially the maximum amount of horsepower that you can get in this model. What you can expect with Shop Vac 5986200 is faster suction of liquid and easier pickups for the heavier debris.

When you test the motor in sealed mode of suction then it raises the level of liquid to 59 inches. This model provides the air watt performance ranging up to 345 which is 190 CFM at its peak. The vacuum is fully equipped with the capability of picking up pebbles, screws, mud and wood shavings from the different types of carpets and floor surfaces. This vacuum cleaner also provides sufficient blowing power as a unit that it can be used as effective leaf blower.

Input power: The vacuum cleaner Shop Vac 5986200 comes with a power cord for electrical power input and doesn’t have a battery so it can be wirelessly powered on. This model has an electrical rating which reads 120V-60HZ 11.5A. This means that this model can be used across homes as well as offices as these ratings and numbers are standard in the market.

Bin capacity: This particular model has a bin capacity of 12 gallons. When this product is used to clean average size offices or home then it has got sufficient capacity to hold the dirt for more than a week. This directly translates into less frequent need for the disposal bag replacement which is obviously an advantage. The disposal capacity of vacuum cleaner Shop Vac 5986200 is obviously better than some of its counterparts and slightly inferior to more advanced and latest models.

shopvac model 5986200
The bin of this vacuum cleaner has the capability to accommodate paper bags of different sizes. The paper bags are only designed for the dry surfaces and hence when you are vacuum cleaning the liquids it is recommended that you must first remove the paper and then only proceed with the cleaning of liquids otherwise it will cause you problems.

Filtration system: The Shop Vacs are designed such that they do not need to worry too much about the filtration system. These vacuum cleaners are usually used in the dusty surroundings or the outdoors for hard work and it usually involves cleaning of the mud, soil, leaves, ash and related stuff. You can also use the Shop Vac 5986200 for cleaning the ash from the grill but for better results you must purchase PowerSmith PAVC102 which does an efficient job in this aspect.

This vacuum comes equipped with cartridge filter that is efficient and good enough such that it can be used for years of the cleaning without the requirement for the replacement. The Shop Vac also provides disposable filter bags to make your cleaning process easier. You can use the disposable bag and the cartridge filter together when picking plaster dust, cement, drywall dust and other related materials.

vacuum cleaner shopvac

Shop-Vac 5986200 features:

Shutting off auto suction: This is a great feature that allows automatic shutting off the suction when the liquid level within the tank reaches specified level. This is a safety feature which prevents the overflowing of liquid within the tank.

Draining of tank: This feature allows you to drain the tank outlet which means you can conveniently pour out dirty liquid and ensure that the tank is empty. Most of the stainless steel versions of these models come equipped with this feature.

Smart tool holding: The cleaner body of the unit is equipped with the special type of tool holder. This allows you to store all the accessories neatly and in an orderly when they are not in use.

Shop-Vac 5986200 Review: Pros and Cons


As is the case with all products you do have some disadvantages and cons with this vacuum cleaner. Let us have a look. This product has a problem of the latches. As in when you move the unit the lid keeps opening up constantly and the unit could be easily damaged. The hose that comes with this vacuum cleaner is not ideal and it has a diameter which is very small. One important note when using this unit is that you can choose to clean ash from the grill however it is recommended that you should not do that.


Overall the vacuum Shop Vac 5986200 is a decent product in its category with some good features as well as specs and some cons. If you are looking to purchase this product then you must know that it comes with a 3 year warranty. You can purchase it from most of the online portals or traditional stores. Alternatively you can check out other models in similar range.

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