Hoover C2401 Backpack Vacuum Review

By | 13.07.2020

Hoover C2401 is an interesting model of vacuum cleaners that you can wear like a backpack. It is developed by Hoover and performs best for cleaning ceilings, hard floors, and stairs. These types of vacuum cleaners can be an addictive addition to your cleaning gadgets at home. However, after you get the hang of it, you will realize how conveniently it works to finish all tasks. You should check out Hoover C2401 if you have large staircases to clean at home.

Product Description:

Hoover C2401 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner developed and sold by Hoover Commercial. It is a backpack device that you can wear like a bag while cleaning any place. It can clean up to 99.97% dust particles. Even the particles which are smaller than 0.3 microns are eliminated with this device. With this compact device, you can clean even the most minor corner or narrow passageways. The best thing about this product is that it is super lightweight. With just 9.2 pounds, you can carry this cleaning device with ease.

Hoover C2401 vacuum

Product Features

Here is a list of all the features of this product


This vacuum cleaner is super lightweight. The weight of this device is 9.2 pounds. However, you can comfortably wear it like a backpack and clean your floor surface. It weights equivalent to a two years old toddler. You can easily carry it from one room to another without any fatigue. It is best suited for cleaning a vast area or surface.

Cleaning Accessory pack

Accessory Pack

When you buy this product, you will get additional cleaning accessories for detailed cleaning. You can use these accessories with the device to thoroughly clean any surface. Each accessory has a specific use. Along with the backpack vacuum cleaner, you will get addition contents like:

• Positive Locking Hose: The size of the hose will be 52 inches.
• Two-piece Aluminum Wand: The wand will be bend from one point to make the cleaning easy for you. Also, there will be a button lock on the wand to lock it in place properly.
• Crevice Tool: The size of the tool will be 6 inches.
• Floor Tool: The size of the device will be 14 inches.
• All Purpose Floor Tool: The size of this tool will be 11 inches.
• Dusting Brush: A 2-inch brush will be given for dusting.
• Upholstery Tool Adapter: The size of this adapted will be 4 inches.


This device includes a hypercone cartridge filter to keep the suction flow consistent. It is made with powerful HEPA Media. This filter helps to clean even the smallest of dust particles. Dust mites, pollen, and all the other debris are eliminated from the floor. It gets trapped in the filter, thereby cleaning 99.97% dust and debris. This filter helps to keep the 897.7 gal/min air flow consistent.

Positive Lock Hose:

It has a positive lock hose, which keeps the hose tightly locked while cleaning the place. It will help you to clean the area without worrying about a loose hose. A loose hose can cause the dust to leak from the edges.

Long Change Cord:

This device comes with an extra-long cord. The size of the wire is 48 feet. It is a three-wire cord that can be changed quickly. You don’t have to switch outlets while using Hoover C2401. You can connect it with just one outlet to clean a vast area while using the large cord.


It has a chiropractor designed harness to keep the vacuum clean secure on your shoulders. This harness is designed to reduce the strain on shoulders. Moreover, it helps to increase the portability and mobility of the device. You can use it without any discomfort.

Backpack Canister And Capacity:

It contains a backpack canister that stores all the dust. All the debris gets filtered and settled inside the canister. You can clean without any hassle.

Hoover C2401 commercial lightweight backpack vacuum
It can store 6.4 quarts of dust inside the canister. You can use it to clean a large area as it can store more dirt and debris. Also, the dust capacity can be checked through the transparent lid. You can check if the canister is full by looking through the transparent cover.

Pros & Cons

Before you purchase any device, you need to know its pros and cons. Here is a list of pros and cons of Hoover C2401 vacuum cleaner.


• Comfortable: This cleaning tool is very convenient. You don’t have to follow the traditional method of cleaning. You can wear it on your back and carry it with you while cleaning the area. The harness is specially built to reduce strain and fatigue;
• Lightweight: It is very lightweight. You can carry it easily without any efforts as it weights like a toddler;
• Powerful: This tool is potent and effective. You can use it to clean a large area. It cleans 99.95% dust;
• Quiet Operation: It makes less noise while cleaning, unlike other vacuum cleaners. You can use this device without disturbing anyone. It is best for a household with pets;
• 2 years warranty;
• Compact: It is very compact. You can clean it if the smallest corner with this device;
• Accessories: You will get an accessory pack that contains six additional accessories for cleaning;
• Hoover Trust: It is manufactured by Hoover, which is a very reputed company. They have been building vacuum cleaners for 100 years now;
• Longs Power Cord: It has a long power cord, making mobility easy without changing the switches.


• Carpets: It is not suitable for carpets. You can use it for a low-pile carpet but not for thick & heavy rug. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner, go with Eureka NEU202;
• Not a Blower: You cannot use this vacuum cleaner as a blower. It is only meant for cleaning surface area.

Here is all you need to know about the Hoover C2401 vacuum cleaning device before making the purchase decision.

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