Orfeld C10A Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 18.10.2020

Orfeld C10A is a high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner. The design has been made mostly for the comfort of the user when it comes to cleaning. It comes with a motor that can spin up to 100,000rpm, which is strong enough to create a powerful suction force. Along with the power, the seven cell lithium-ion battery makes sure that it can go on for 60 minutes without any interruption.

The Orfeld cordless vacuum comes with pre-equipped filters that can help to suck in the microscopic dust particles, thereby helping you clean your house from bacteria and other microns. The handle can be customized to a handheld form to clean the stairs and other tough areas with ease. It has a built-in docking station for holding the charge and other attachments to be mobile and has all the pieces of equipment needed on it all the time.

Orfeld cordless vacuum

Orfeld Cordless Vacuum Product features

The Orfeld cordless vacuum comes with a smart sensing technology that helps detect dust and particles hidden from plain sight. This smart sensing also helps the cleaner to auto-adjust its suction power in real-time for more efficient cleaning.

The 2500 mAh battery offers enough power to the vacuum to clean up to an area of 200 square meters and run with full power for as long as 60 minutes. The automatic adjustment of the suction power also conserves energy and offers the most productive output.

Orfeld C10A
The build is very lightweight and easy to handle. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, so you have more freedom of movement than the conventional cleaners. Also, the customizable handles make it easy for cleaning tough corners and stairs, and other such areas.

The mobile docking station can hold all the other attachments, so you can keep cleaning and swap out the attachments at your convenience. There are attachments for cleaning all types of areas like the top of the tables, under the sofa, and other corners.


The various pros of the Orfeld cordless vacuum are as follows:

• Washable filters

The cleaner comes with the advantage of washable filters, which means that you can easily pick out the filters and wash them with water. This helps you to keep the filters clean so that you can get the maximum performance from them. Keeping the filters clean is an issue with most vacuum cleaners, which is not there in this model.

• Picks up pet hair

The very powerful suction force of the brush’s motors helps the cleaner pick up pet hairs effectively. Apart from pet hairs, it also quickly picks up other microscopic dust particles usually left behind by regular cleaners. It is equipped with a Japanese advanced brushless motor that offers 22000 pa suction power and makes sure that all the dirt and pet hairs are pulled into the dust bag.

Orfeld Stick Vacuum

• Large enough dust cup

This cleaner comes with a large enough dust bag to keep you cleaning for 60 straight minutes. The dust bag is of expandable size and makes sure to provide you with enough space so that you do not have to stop your cleaning in mid-way for emptying the bag.

It also sports an easy way of emptying the dust bag directly into the bin and helps you to keep your hands clean.

• Different suction modes

The biggest pro of this vacuum cleaner is the automatic suction control. The vacuum cleaner’s smart system enables it to automatically change its suction modes depending upon the nature of the surface and the dust particles it is cleaning.

Orfeld C10A Vacuum Cleaner
There are up to four suction modes between which the vacuum cleaner can switch its modes, or you can change them manually. First is the normal mode, followed by the turbo and the crazy max mode, which increase in power, respectively. Lastly, there is the intelligent mode, which is the automatic mode. In this mode, the cleaner will change its suction mode automatically depending on the cleaning nature.


• It’s a little heavy

The major downside of this cleaner is its weight. Most cordless vacuum cleaners are light, but the range of attachments and the built-in docking station makes it a little heavier than the other models. This can be a little off-putting for some users when they have to carry it up the stairs or hold it up in their hands.

• Absence of headlights

There are LED indicators on the cleaner, but no headlights that display the necessary information. You will have to check the buttons for their functions manually. Some of the settings are not even clearly mentioned, so there can be some difficulty understanding the machine’s different shortcuts or tunings. So you have to check out all the features minutely to make sure that you know all the cleaner facilities.

• Can topple over easily

As mentioned earlier about the weight. This makes the standing of the cleaner a little problematic. The extra weight can always cause the cleaner to topple over. It does come with a retractable extension tube for easy hanging up the wall, but there is no provision for it to stand on its own on the floor. So you will always need to support it against something when you are leaving for a minute or two.

Bottom line

So far, we have seen all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Orfeld cordless vacuum cleaner. It comes with all the necessary features that you might want from a cordless vacuum cleaner. The performance is up to par with all the features that come with it. Most user reviews say that this model is a better choice than some of the premium cleaners in the market.

There are some issues with the weight and some other minor technical absences that can put off a user, but it delivers on its primary purpose: cleaning. The suction modes and the automatic adjustments save you a lot of hassle, changing the motors’ power when cleaning. So you get the optimum cleaning on all kinds of surfaces. Hence, Orfeld cordless vacuum might have some minor flaws, but it is worth your purchase.

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