Eureka NEN110A Review

By | 28.06.2020

Eureka NEN110A is an advanced multi-surface vacuum to deep clean any surface. The cleaner contains an integrated airflow controller on its handle so that you can easily switch modes. Eureka NEN110A has three distinct settings for hard floors, carpet, and upholstery. It has a dust cup capacity of 1.2 litres. One of the most attractive features of Eureka NEN110A is that it is extremely lightweight and portable.

Eureka NEN110A canister vacuum cleaner

Eureka NEN110A: components and build quality

The device comes with a telescoping metal wand along with a fingertip suction controller and a 2 in 1 tool. Its snap-fit accessories help to keep every part securely into its own place. The brush, tube, and hose also involve a fitting lock. So you can easily attach and detach every part. This is indeed a great positive aspect of Eureka NEN110A since you can replace any individual part instead of replacing the entire item if the cleaner disturbs after long usage.

Since the item weighs only 8 pounds, you can carry the canister cleaner across the room without any hassles. It comes with washable components that are reusable. Simply rinse the dusting cup and the filter whenever required, and you are good to go.

The long 16 ft cord allows you to reach even the corners and under furniture like bed and ensures a deep cleaning. It is equipped with a 2-litre dust cup that you can easily access with a one-button press. This ensures an easy emptying of trash after cleaning. The innovative cyclone filtration system lets you enjoy high-performance air filtration.

Eureka NEN110A vacuum

Eureka NEN110A whirlwind bagless canister vacuum cleaner: advantages and ease of use

The manufacturers claim that the tool is ideal for cleaning carpet, hard floors and rugs with a single button push and it ensures effortless cleaning. You can easily use the item for cleaning hard to reach corners, baseboards, windows, sofas, and other furniture in your room. Its automatic cord has a rewind function that can analyze convenient uses and thereby rescues you from any cord wrapping. However, users often complain that Eureka NEN110A whirlwind bagless canister vacuum cleaner is not ideal for cleaning pellet stove. Also, you cannot clean high pile carpets with this. If your carpet has a long nap, you can buy the model Eureka NEU182A.

If you are suffering from pet hair all across your house, this is the right choice for you. The cleaner is ideal for cleaning pet hair along with dust. Also, no filter or additional bag is required. It has a bagless design and has washable filters. So you can rinse the filters anytime you want. Low maintenance is one of the attractive features of Eureka NEN110A.

It is actually a 2 in 1 integrated form of a crevice tool. The tool is integrated into its hose handle so that you can disconnect the hose and switch to the crevice tool just when you want. Again, you can attach the hose to make it work as a dusting brush.

The best part of the cleaner is that it ensures a less time-consuming work plan for you. The lock system allows you to make the entire process of vacuuming efficient and simplistic. You can release the button whenever you want and empty the dust cup easily. Its automatic rewind cord makes life really easy!

The item comes with a one year guarantee, so you can lodge any complaint to the manufacturer if you find any difficulty with the vacuum cleaner.

Eureka NEN110A: additional accessories

Here’s an important note. Remember that the cleaner doesn’t come with all the accessories mentioned above, so you have to buy them separately. If you buy all the recommended accessories, the cleaner produces effective results.

Eureka accessories

Eureka NEN110A: cleaning procedure

To clean the components, we recommend you to sprinkle a little bit of water. After that rinse it thoroughly with water. By the time your cleaning procedure gets over, your dustbin will be full of dust and dirt. All you need is to take the dustbin off the vacuum and bring it near the garbage can. Then simply press a button. It will release dust and dirt into the bin. This efficient tool ensures that you don’t have to spend time or mess up your hands with dirt.

Here are some pros and cons of the product:


• It has a sturdy yet lightweight design, which is effective for a long run;
• It is affordable yet has a powerful suction;


• Some users mention that the cord is not long enough;
• The plastic hose may seem to be inflexible and too stiff, and it can be difficult to keep in a small space.


All in all, Eureka NEN110A whirlwind bagless canister vacuum cleaner is an efficient, convenient, powerful, and excellent canister vacuum to help you keep your house and furniture clean. This is all the more important in the post-pandemic days when safety practices and hygiene are the new normal. Invest in this affordable yet high-quality product if you want to clean your place without spending too much on it.

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