Prolux CV12000 Review

By | 12.02.2021

Prolux CV12000 could be the ideal choice for large homes that make cleaning a challenging experience. If it feels like the top floor is already dirty before you even make it to the ground floor with the cleaning procedure, this vacuum cleaner could solve your problems. You do not need a professional cleaner to look after your house, but a central vacuum system – a simple operating principle revolving around a single power unit and plenty of hose spreading around.

Prolux CV12000 operation

The CV12000 model comes with an Amtek motor that runs in two stages and brings in 150CFM of power. If you are not sure how much it means, you should know it can grab most allergens, sand, tiny particles, invisible dust and pet hair. It comes with two different speeds. The motor has a 10 year warranty – more than pretty much anything else on the market.

Prolux CV12000 Review

The unit features a massive dust cup – five gallons of dirt before emptying it. It is based on steel, so it will never quit on you. On top of all these, it is worth mentioning the external muffler. Its main role is to keep the noise down while the vacuum cleaner runs.

Design and sizing standards

Pretty much like any other central system for vacuuming, the Prolux CV12000 is quite sturdy and large. The extra bulk is given by the large motor, as well as the increased capacity for the dirt bin. However, there is not much to worry about because it is stationary, so you will not need to move it.

It features a black and red design and it measures 38x12x12 inches. It can fit in a closet, as well as pretty much any attic or basement. The main unit hosting the motor and bag weighs 22 pounds – it sounds like a lot, but you could find portable vacuum cleaners in this range.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

Accessories and use

Since the unit is stationary, it obviously requires a long hose. This cleaner comes with an electric hose – 30 feet in length. The hose has a switch too, so you can swap between the two suction modes without having to reach the central unit.

Prolux CV12000 attachments

It has an electric nozzle too – again, you can turn it on or off using the same switch. The electric nozzle has a few settings for height, meaning it is mostly designed for carpets – it can take both low pile and high pile carpets with no problems at all.

The use is immobile. The Prolux CV12000 is not mobile. Sure, you can move it from one place to another if you feel like it, but its main role is to stay in one place, while the hose will give you portability and flexibility when cleaning around the home.

Prolux CV12000 efficiency on various surfaces

Such a system is versatile enough to tackle any type of flooring surface. It can cover wide areas, so it can easily clean both hard and soft surfaces. Carpets are easy to clean due to the electric nozzle that can be adjusted. You should not have any issues dealing with sand, dust, pet dander or hair.

Hardwood flooring and other bare floors are just as easy to keep clean. You do not have to worry about the nozzles and brushes coming with the cleaner, as they are gentle on sensitive floors – no scratching at all. The performance will vary based on the type of dirt too – large pieces might be thrown away a little before the cleaner picks them up.

Care and maintenance

This cleaner is easy to look after. The long hose is less likely to get clogged – unless you try to suck in ping pong balls. Simply go through the manual of instructions to see what kind of stuff you can suck in – the most common types of dirt though.

The dust canister must be emptied when full. Occasionally, you will have to clean it. You want to keep the steel in a clean manner. Washing the filters is what makes it complicated. They are not difficult to rinse, but they are challenging to reach. However, their maintenance is essential to maintain the suction power.

HEPA standards and attachments

The unit is bagless and comes with HEPA filtration. The respective HEPA filter is mandatory if you want the dust to be trapped in. Classic vacuum cleaners pick up dirt, but you can still see the dust floating in the air in direct sunlight. Such problems are history with this vacuum cleaner because everything is trapped inside – great for those with allergies.

Prolux CV12000 HEPA filtration

Attachments make the difference in your cleaning performance. You have four deluxe attachments, an electric nozzle and a steel want, not to mention two caddy tools. From all these attachments, the electric nozzle is the only one that allows adjustments.


Make sure you have a plan before installing this vacuum cleaner. A manual of instructions will give you the main steps for the installation, but you need a bit of technical experience. The installation is a DIY process – no need for a professional.

Prolux Central Vacuum System

While quiet, the cleaner is mostly recommended as a whole house system – it should not go in a visible area, but your attic or perhaps a central closet or department. If your home is too big and you only need something for the kitchen, SweepoVac SVP SL2 undercounter kitchen vacuum might be a better central cleaning alternative – great for one room and hard floors, but not so great for whole houses and carpets.


• Great against allergies
• Excellent value for money
• Can cover houses measuring 12,000 square feet
• Lots of adjustability in the operation
• High quality steel design


• Manual of instructions could be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to the installation


In the end, Prolux CV12000 is certainly a good choice for those who are after a central cleaning system for the whole house. It does a great job on multiple surfaces and it is suitable for those with pets or allergies due to the HEPA filtration. It is worth noting that its overall performance also depends on where you install it – hence the necessity of some planning.

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