Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Review

By | 12.12.2020

The Kenmore Elite 31150 has been designed to offer a versatile cleaning experience, especially in houses with pets. The cleaner has special blades with high RPM that easily cleans the pet hair from different surfaces. The cleaner is designed to clean any floor that is difficult to clean normally.

The Kenmore 31150 also an in-built HEPA filter system that pulls in almost 99.97% of any bacteria, dust, and allergens. The advanced filter ensures that every soft and hard surface is completely clean of any dust and dander. So, this is the best vacuum cleaner to be used on your car seats and sofas as well as on your hardwood floors.

Kenmore 31150 review

The machine has been approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America because it cleans up most pet hair and allergens, making it safe for people with allergies to pets, hair, and dust. If you are a pet owner, then this cleaner is a great purchase for you because it makes your house safe for people with allergies of any kind.

The Kenmore 31150 comes with an advanced motor with increased RPM and suction, making it 20% more powerful than the conventional vacuum cleaners. This increased power is coupled with the beltless design to offer unmatched performance. This helps the cleaner maintain its suction power even when the dirtbag is full, not to mention that it also comes with several attachments that you can use to reach and clean places and corners that you normally cannot.

The Kenmore pet-friendly cleaner also comes with an infrared sensor that turns on an LED, which guides you to focus the vacuum’s cleaning power. When the floor is perfectly clean of pet hair and dirt, the LED goes off, indicating that the spot is clean. The accessories can be stored on the cleaner itself, so you can easily swap them out while you are working.

Product features

This vacuum cleaner has some of the most advanced features you would expect. It comes with an allergen seal, which ensures that almost 99.97% of the debris and allergens are cleaned by the vacuum. It can suck in the pollen, dust, and other debris that can cause problems in allergic people.

The cleaner has been designed for any home, so this is a multipurpose cleaner that you can use, even if you renovate or relocate. The high-powered motors ensure that it works perfectly on all kinds of floors. It can easily clean dust, debris, dander, and even pet hair from almost any type of floor surface.

The body’s design has been made to allow optimum airflow and offer high efficiency in cleaning. It also comes with a 5-level height adjustment feature that gives you the option to change the cleaner’s height according to your dimensions and comfort. The infrared sensor connected to the LED also makes it easier for you to determine if you have cleaned a place properly or not.

Kenmore 31150 vacuum cleaner
There is a built-in headlight in the cleaner. It helps you see the dirt more clearly that might not be visible to the naked eye. When coupled with the infrared sensor, you can always be sure about whether you have cleaned a place efficiently or not. The sensor also indicates if any pollens or pet hair is left on the floor, so you can clean it up.

This is one of the best cleaners in the market, which comes with a 3-motor drive. The beltless design makes it more durable, and the added third motor considerably increases the suction power. The high RPM of the motors and the suction power makes the cleaner capable of pulling the dirt off any surface. This high power makes it a multipurpose cleaner.

This cleaner comes with the added power of a Kenmore inducer motor. This motor is 20% more powerful than the previous models and creates a strong suction force that cleans any surface from a carpet to a hardwood floor. This makes it a versatile option for any home.

The cleaner’s body has been made in a double-walled form that keeps the airflow at an optimum level. The efficient airflow allows the cleaner’s motors to work better and be more durable. It also helps the cleaner to maintain the optimum suction power at which it works.

The cleaner’s handle has all the buttons you will need to control its functions and makes it easier for you to access the cleaner. It also comes with four additional tools stored on the cleaner itself, which makes it easier to use them whenever you need versatile performance.

Kenmore elite pet friendly 31150
One of the best attachments on the cleaner is the Pet Handmade. You just put it on the cleaner’s nozzle and clean up the pet hair and other dander.

Pros and cons

The pros of the cleaner are as follows:

• The hose and the other attachments are quite sturdy, making them perfect for durability and long-term use.
• The transition from one-floor mode to another is simple with just the click of a switch.
• It produces considerably less amounts of noise than other vacuum cleaners.
• The suction is powerful and works well on carpets and floors.

The cons of the cleaner are as follows:

• The air outflow from the sides can cause the dirt of the surrounding areas to blow around.
• The hose is a little short.
• In some cases, the customer service was found to be not helpful.
• The cleaner is quite heavy and can be a problem for some people to carry it from one place to another.

Bottom line

So, you have seen all the features and details about the Kenmore Elite 31150. This vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced design and has a very powerful motor that helps clean almost any kind of surface. The attachments and numerous modes make it the most versatile cleaner in the market. The 3- motor direct drive system ensures that the motors suck up everything, including dirt and pet hair. The allergen seal technology also helps the cleaner filter all kinds of allergens, keeping your family safe from allergic reactions. The different modes and nozzles allow you to clean the difficult spots and corners in your house.

There are some drawbacks with the model which are inherent due to its design. The powerful motors make the cleaner a little heavy, and despite the attachments, the extension can feel short for some people. However, it does a great job of cleaning up different floors and pet hair. If you are comfortable with minor technical glitches, this is the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for something more suited for cleaning an office space, then Makita DRC200Z industrial robot vacuum will be a better choice.

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