Moosoo K17 Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 23.07.2020

Cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning the house ten times easier with free mobility. One such vacuum cleaner is Moosoo K17.
This cordless stick vacuum cleaner has strong suction power, which cleans even the smallest of dust particles. If you want to know more about this device, read our product review.

Product Description:

Moosoo K17 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that works on battery. The battery can be removed and charged. There is no power cord required to use this device. It has strong suction power.
This device can be used as a stick vacuum cleaner as well as a hand-held cleaning device with a stretchable hose. It works on a brushless motor. There are two power modes in this device. You can use 10kpa standard mode for normal cleaning and 17kpa max mode for deep cleaning.
Unlike other vacuum cleaners, Moosoo K17 is ultra-quiet. You will get multiple attachments with this vacuum cleaner. You can use it even if there is no power supply. This model has been recently upgraded with new technology and tools to improve the overall cleaning experience.

Product Information:

• Dimensions: 49.2 X 10.8 X 9.4 inches
• Weight:2.84 pounds
• Volume: 0.5 liters
• Specialty: Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action
• Wattage: 120 Watts

Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Product Features:

Here is a list of all the features of Moosoo K17 Vacuum Cleaner.
Cordless: This device works on a battery. You don’t need a direct power supply to use this vacuum cleaner. As it is cordless, you can easily move around the house while cleaning. There are no restrictions on mobility. You can use it even if there is no electricity.


It weighs only 2.84 lbs. You can simply pick it up using one hand. It makes cleaning easy as you can easily reach anywhere around the house. It is compact and can be easily converted to the hand-held mode from stick mode.

Detachable Battery:

The battery can be easily detached and charged. You can charge the battery with the charging device. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery fully.

Brushless Motor:

Moosoo K17 contains a 200W high-powered brushless motor. It has 800 hours of life compared to other motors. It provides strong suction power for deep cleaning.

Power Mode and Noise Level:

You can use two power modes to clean your house. With standard 10kpa, you can clean the floors and hardwood. With max mode, you can enjoy 17kpa suction power.

This vacuum cleaner makes less noise while cleaning. When you use it on max mode, it makes less than 70 decibels of noise. On standard mode, it makes less than 65 decibels of noise.

HEPA Filter:

It has four stages high-efficiency HEAP filtration system, which cleans even microscopic dust. It cleans 99.9% dust, dirt, and pollen from your house.


Along with the floor, you can clean high places as well. You can clean the carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc. You can clean picture frames as well as walls.

It is very convenient. The vacuum cleaner is compact, which makes it accessible. You can simply push a button to extract the dust from the vacuum cleaner. The lid opens, and the dust directly falls into the bin.


With this vacuum cleaner, you get various attachments like an aluminum tube, charging base, wall holder, mounting accessories, crevice nozzle, stretchable hose, LED floor head, cleaning brush, and mini motorized head.

Run Time:

The run time differs as per the power mode. In standard mode 10kpa, it runs for 30 minutes. In my power mode, 17kpa, it runs for about 15 minutes.

Floor Head:

You can use the stick and floor head to clean the floor surface. It pivots 120 degrees. There is also an electric LED light on the floor head to look for dust and dirt.

Moosoo Stick Vacuum

Pros and Cons:


• Portable: It is portable. You can carry it from one place to another without much toil.
• LED Lights: There is an electric LED light on the floor head, which helps to find even the smallest particle of dust.
• Multi-surface Brush roll: The brush roll can be used on different surfaces. You can clean the floor, hardwood, tiles as well as carpet. It doesn’t leave any marks.
• Less Noise: It makes less noise compared to other cleaning devices.


• Small Dust Bin: The dust bin size is quite small. Only 0.5 liters of dust can be collected at once. You have to empty it again and again.
• Charging: The battery only charges if it is on the vacuum. Because of this, you cannot use it while charging.
• Cleaning Power: Although the cleaning power is good, it is low compared to other vacuum cleaners. In this device, the brushless motor spins as 50,000 rpm while in Orfeld H20A, it spins at 75,000 rpm.

Here is all the information about the Moosoo K17 vacuum cleaner. It is simple and easy to use the device with a powerful battery and multiple accessories. However, the size of the bin and charging method is a downfall.

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