Vacmaster VFB511B0201 Beast Review

By | 07.05.2020

Cleaning is always a hectic task that no one likes to do. But thanks to the technology that our lives have become so much easier today. Now we have the aid of vac machines that can help us clean our cars, floor, etc., easily.

The market is crowded with many new vac models, but if you are looking for a powerful option, then Vacmaster VFB511B0201 could be the best option for you. In this review guide, we have reviewed the vac in detail. If you are planning to buy a new vacuum, then you should give this post a read.

About Vacmaster VFB511B0201

Vacmaster is one of the leading brands out there. They are known to make high-quality products for the users and this one is no exception.

Beast Vacmaster VFB511B0201

The Vacmaster VFB511B0201 is a high-performance vac that can handle any cleaning task with ease. This is a powerful machine that comes with all the right features you need.

It has an onboard hose, power cord, and accessory storage that helps reduce hassle. This vacuum can reach up to 25 ft. high without unplugging the unit. With the help of this machine, you can clean the areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

The machine is easy to control. The sealed on/off switch on the machine allows you to operate it with ease. It comes with 8 different accessories using which you can get done almost any cleaning project. This includes a kink-resistant hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle, one extension wand, foam wet filter, car nozzle, fine dust cartridge filter, and air and noise diffuser.

Vacmaster VFB511B0201
It comes with a 5-gallon tank which is big enough for the vac. This vac is perfect for any household. If you are looking for a powerful and high-performance vacuum, then you can go for this one. Before you think of investing in this vac, let’s walk you through its features first.

• Powerful

This vac is portable power on the go. It is designed to give you the best performance. With Vacmaster VFB511B0201, the task of cleaning becomes so much easier.

The machine is equipped with a powerful 5. 5 peaks HP high-efficiency motor and suction that enables it to give a great performance. No matter how complex your cleaning project is, Vacmaster VFB511B0201 can handle it all.

• Good for car cleaning and pet hair

The Vacmaster VFB511B0201 is great for cleaning cars and removing pet hair from your house.

VacMaster Beast VFB511B02 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The high suction power of the machine enables it to such out the last piece of dirt and dust from your car. You can even use it to remove pet hair from your carpets, sofa, and bed. This vac machine is great for cleaning fine particles as well. You can also turn the vac into a blower with just a press of a button.

• High suction power

As mentioned in the previous point, this vac machine comes with high suction power. It is because of this reason that the machine can function properly. It can suck in all the dust and thus, help you to clean with ease.

The machine comes with an 18-inch cord that makes your task all the easier. It allows you to reach spaces that are otherwise hard to reach.

• Silencer for noise

Most vac machines have a reputation for having loud noise. These machines are powered by powerful motors and therefore, they will be noisy when in function. To take care of this issue, the makers have incorporated a silencer in the machine, so that it doesn’t make loud noises.

Beast Vacmaster professional VFB511B0201

Since this machine doesn’t make any loud noises, it makes it easier for you to work with it. You can now take on your cleaning task at any time of the day you want without disturbing anybody.


Vacmaster VFB511B0201 is a powerful, high-performance wet dry vacuum that can take on any cleaning task. It comes with a 5-gallon tank with a powerful motor. It has an 18-inch hose that allows you to reach up to 25 ft. this vac is best suited for cleaning cars and removing pet hair. The high suction power of the machine is what makes it great. It also comes with a silencer that stops it from being too noisy. As far as portability is concerned you have to get the wheels separately. Once you call up the customer care, they will send you the wheels which fit just right. But the wheels offered by them are not good enough. Therefore, it is better to get the wheels from somewhere else. You can also make your own wider platform and set the Vacmaster on it. Many of the users use an original bucket Dolley as well. You just have to think hard and come in creative ways.

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