Eureka NEU202 Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 13.07.2020

Eureka NEU202 is developed by a renowned brand and is a variant of the Upright Vacuum model. This vacuum cleaner is up to date with all features, just like the other Eureka vacuum cleaners. It smoothly performs all important tasks in cleaning the house. However, this model has its pros and cons, which we will analyze in-depth in this article.

Product Description

Eureka NEU202 is a power speed vacuum cleaner. It is an upright cleaning device without any bag. You cannot carry it like other vacuum cleaners. This device is perfect for a house with pets. We all know how difficult it gets to get rid of all the pet hair from the carpet, couches, and beds. But with the special pet tool of this device, you can clean all the pet hair from the surface area. Although it is an upright cleaning device, it is very lightweight. You can lift it quickly to clean any surface area in your house. It has automatic cord rewind, which helps to change the length of the cord.

Vacuum Cleaner with pet tool and cordrewind

Product Features

Automatic Cord Rewind

Cord rewind Eureka

The worst about vacuum cleaners are the cord wires. You have to wrap and unwrap the cord after every use. But with Eureka NEU202, you don’t have to worry about wrapping the cord. With the automatic cord rewind feature, you just have to press a button, and the cable will rewind on its own. It covers 25 feet of cord on its own. The cord is safely stored inside the cleaner. You can simply push the button with your foot to rewind the cord.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner has different floor settings. There are five settings option which you can use for each floor type. You can use it for all these surfaces.
• Hard Floor Cleaning: You can turn the settings dial to the bare floor or the highest to clean the hard floor.
• Tiles Cleaning: For cleaning tiles, you can set the dial towards the bare floor cleaning option.
• Carpet Cleaning: There is two carpet cleaning option. You can choose high carpet or low carpet to clean carpet and get rid of pet hair.
• Rug Cleaning: For cleaning rugs, you can select the carpet cleaning option.

Powerful Cleaning

You can choose from different power options to clean the floor. You can clean 12.6 inches wide area at once with this device. The power options are as follows.

• High Carpet: You can choose high carpet to clean all the dust, debris, and pet hair from the carpet.
• Bare Floor: You can select bare floor option to clean bare floor tiles or any other surface.
• Low Carpet: If there is not much dust on the carpet, you can choose an economical carpet option.

LED Lights

This is hands down the best feature of Eureka NEU202. Unlike Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed, there are glowing LED lights on the bottom area of this device. So when you use this device to clean, the lights will help you see even the finest of dust, debris, and pet hair. All the tiny and thin hair will glow in the light, thereby making the cleaning process easy.

Eureka led lights

Deep Clean

It is a power speed vacuum cleaner. You can not only clean different types of floors but clean them thoroughly with power speed. It is one of the most potent cleaning devices. With strong suction power, you can clean any surface in lesser time.

XL Dust Cup Capacity

This vacuum cleaner has an extra-large dust cup. It can store up to 3.8 liters of dust, debris & pet hair. Also, it has an open flip lid. You can easily open this lid to empty all the dust in the bin. It is transparent so that you can check when the cup is full. It is easy to empty.

Eureka NEU202 Accessories

You will get seven accessories with this device. The accessories include:

• Crevice Tool
• Dusting Brush
• Upholstery Tool
• Pet Tool
• Pet Turbo Brush
• Quick Release Handle
• Extended Hose

Eureka Accessories

Pet Brush

You can use the pet brush along with the extended hose to clean pet hair from a different surface area like rugs, couches, beds, etc. You can also use a pet turbo brush for deep cleaning.

Pet brush for vacuum cleaner

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of pros & cons of Eureka NEU202 vacuum cleaner


• Perfect for Pet-Hair: This vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning pet hair from carpets and rugs.
• Carpet Cleaning: It is specially designed to clean carpet as well as floors.
• Easy to clean: It has a washable filter along with an easy to empty cup. You can clean this device easily.
• Powerful: It has power speed and deep clean features, which help clean even the smallest of dirt.
• Accessories: You will get seven different accessories with this device to help you clean a different area.
• Cord Rewind: It has an automatic cord rewind feature, which enables you to store the cord quickly.
• LED Lights: It has unique LED lights that help to detect pet hair on the surface.
• 2 years warranty


• Bagless: You cannot use it with a bag. You have to use it the traditional way.
• No HEPA Filter: There is no HEPA filter, which helps clean even the smallest piece of debris.

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