Miele Compact C1 Review

By | 17.03.2021

Miele Compact C1 brings in three different vacuum cleaners with an incredible power. Their capabilities go a bit above average, so expect to get more value for your time and hard work. At the same time, having three different models means you can choose the right model based on your specific needs, yet features are relatively similar. Now, what should you know about this range before making a final decision?

A few words about Miele

The German manufacturer is a front runner when it comes to domestic appliances, especially in a high end range. Established in 1899, the company is still family owned and run. It has gained notoriety for its high quality standards, as well as durability and features that you would normally find in more expensive appliances. Miele also provides access to commercial equipment for businesses.

Miele Compact C1 suction power and accessories

Miele Compact C1 vacuum

This unit brings in a Vortex motor responsible for around 300AW. It is more than enough to provide an incredible power for all kinds of surfaces – no compromises on the cleaning capabilities. The suction is also boosted by matching it with the right tools and accessories.

The package comes with a crevice wand – suitable for corners, as well as a dusting brush and a tool. There are six different power levels based on how much cleaning you require. The feature is great if you have more types of floors – for instance, deep carpets will require more power than hard floors.

Dust capacity

The dust container can take 3.5 liters – just under a gallon. It is more than enough to cover your whole home a few times – you might as well keep going for weeks without cleaning it if you do not have a large family or pets around. The bagged canister will require the bag to be changed every now and then – it is an expense, but bags are quite cheap.


Miele Compact C1 comes with a solid filtration system – the so called AirClean system. It is proprietary to Miele and brings in a bunch of different filters running together.

The pre-motor filter aims to protect the motor against dust and debris, helping with the durability. The post motor filter is designed for the exhaust. Its main role is to ensure that once the dust is trapped in the vacuum cleaner, it stays in there – no way to escape through the back.

The dust container also acts like a filter, as it relies on electrostatic charges to keep particles stuck inside. The seal is automatic and trapped allergens and debris are less likely to get out.

Sizing standards and weight

The classic Miele Compact C1 Powerline is corded and relatively compact. It measures 11×8.x18.2 inches and weighs just over six pounds. It is not difficult to store if you live in a small apartment. The cord is quite long and measures 18 feet – good for small places, but a bit of a challenge for large homes. You might have to plug and unplug it over and over again. It gets a bit extended with the hose and the wands though – after all, the hose is another 5.5 feet.

Miele Compact C1 vacuum cleaner
The unit has a handle on top and can be carried everywhere. It is a classic design suitable for houses with stairs. If you live in a bungalow or a flat, you might need something smaller and more convenient – such as the automatic Shark IQ RV1001. Miele Compact C1 has more suction power though, which is recommended if you have pets.

Special features

Miele’s super vacuum cleaner comes with a few particularities that make it stand out in the crowd. The unit features a rotary dial with six different settings. You can play around with the knob and adjust the suction power within a second. You can move from one floor to another without too much hassle. The feature is also great if you have more sensitive surfaces, as well as deep surfaces filled with pet hair.

If you are truly dedicated about cleaning, you will love the possibility to upgrade your vacuum cleaner – a common characteristic in Miele products. You can always lose the AirClean filters and install a HEPA filter instead – suitable for those who suffer from allergies and require perfectly clean air around the house.

Miele Compact C1 Powerline cleaning capabilities

Miele Compact vacuum

The unit has different cleaning modes. Each of the suction settings is suitable for particular areas and surfaces. For example, you can clean high pile carpets, hard floors and rugs. You can also tackle low pile carpets and even do it in an energy saving mode, which is also quieter.

The cleaner can be used for upholstery and cushions too – not that heavy to lift, yet the cord is usually more than enough. It can tackle lightweight fabrics and even curtains – given its suction power, you might be careful with the curtains, as you do not want to pull them down.


• Incredible suction power for all types of surfaces
• Six different settings for the suction power
• Great for houses with pets, sensitive surfaces or more types of flooring
• Easy to maneuver around
• Superior filtering system that can also be upgraded with HEPA filters


• No motorized or power brush for deep pile carpets and deep cleaning
• Cord might feel a bit too short if you have a large house


Miele Compact C1 Powerline vacuum cleaner

As a short final conclusion, Miele Compact C1 features a classic design that has never failed. It is not modern, automatic or sophisticated. However, it gets the job done. It has an impressive power, adjustable settings for the suction and a compact appearance. It comes with a few extra accessories to make your life easier too.

While it could also do with a few extras, the truth is it brings in excellent value for money. There is no room for fancy bells and whistles when you shop on a budget and this unit will not disappoint you.

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