Shark Navigator Pet Pro ZU62 Review

By | 06.12.2020

The ZU62 model is one of Shark’s entry level vacuum cleaners. It has an upright design and while it may not come with all the bells and whistles you normally find in fancy units. It does a pretty good job at what it is supposed to do – cleaning around your home. Shark ZU62 is suitable for both carpets – low and high – and hard floors.

Shark’s ZU62 is specifically designed with extra suction power in mind. In fact, it is advertised to be a great tool for homes with pets. It has a pretty large dustbin as well, so you will not have to empty it after each cleaning session. Now, what else should you know about this vacuum cleaner in terms of performance and features?

About Shark ZU62

Shark’s ZU62 cleaner is an upright model and just like other products from Shark, it comes with a unique set of specifications. While it may not feature technologies like the powered lift away function or the DuoClean technology like some of its cousins, its suction power, efficiency against pet hair and large canister will certainly ease your cleaning chores.

The unit weighs 16 pounds, so pushing it around is fairly simple. It is just over 45 inches in height – ideal for most people, especially since you can bend it from the bottom for a comfortable angle. Other than that, it belongs to Shark’s Navigator series, meaning it shares a few features with other similar models. The unit must be assembled, but the whole job will take less than a minute – no instructions required.

Shark Pet Pro ZU62 vacuum cleaner

Performance and operation

Plug Shark’s ZU62 in and turn it on. The exquisite power is the first thing that will draw your attention. The unit literally sticks to the floor in the attempt to suck it in. The inward suction power is highly related to its actual recommendation as a pet house cleaner. Featuring 20KPa, you will get more than the average cleaner. It makes no difference how stubborn the dirt, dust or pet hair is – no piece of debris will escape the cleaner. With this aspect in mind, it is great for pet hair stuck into deep carpets too.

Running the cleaner on carpets is fairly simple. It comes with a brush roll – simply turn it on and it will dig deeper into the floor, extracting hidden and stubborn particles in no time. You are not supposed to do anything, as it can dislodge stuff by itself. On the other hand, hard floors do not require the brush roll. While you cannot turn it completely off, you can set it at the lowest possible speed.

Going around edges and corners is a plus due to the shape of the head. It is flat, rectangular and relatively low in height. It also has super thin bezels on each side, so it will drag all floor debris in a couple of sweeps.

Superior technology brush roll

The brush roll is one of the main innovations in Shark Navigator Pet Pro ZU62. The actual roll itself will not impress – a standard feature in most cleaners. However, Shark has brought in the so called Zero M technology. Its main role is to prevent long hair or fut from wrapping around the brush roll. Too much hair on the roll will prevent it from spinning, but it will also affect its cleaning capabilities – sooner or later, the roll will no longer be able to capture debris.

Shark ZU62 upright vacuum cleaner
Furthermore, you probably know already how daunting it is to eliminate all the hair from a brush roll.

The feature is good to have, but not perfect. You will still have to clean it every now and then. Ignore the maintenance and it may still get clogged – eventually, you will have to use the scissors to cut everything off. In the long run, it is much more convenient than a classic brush roll though.

Seals and HEPA filters

You probably know how it works – you spend hours to clean your whole house, but you can still smell dust in the air. You look through the room in direct sunlight and you can see particles floating in the air. This is the most annoying part of vacuuming and all that dust will settle on the furniture and floors. This problem has been successfully cleared by the vacuum gods in Shark Navigator ZU62.

The cleaner comes with an anti-allergen seal that prevents small particles of dust from escaping back into the air. At the same time, it comes with a professional HEPA filter – similar to the one found in air purifiers and air conditioning systems.

HEPA filters can easily trap up to 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Practically, the filter will trap hair, dust and microscopic organisms and allergens – such as dust mites, mold spores and pollen. The HEPA filter is a must if you suffer from allergies – whether from your pet or certain seasons.

Dustbin, hose and cord

The modern Shark ZU62 features a super large dustbin. The cup can take almost three quarts of debris and dust. While it might get heaver if you fail to empty it, the large size means you can vacuum for ages without having to clear it out. You will no longer need to stop in the middle of the operation to do it. Plus, you can easily have a few vacuum sessions before having to remove the dirt. The large cup is a great feature if you have a large house or you have to vacuum large areas – such as garage workshops.

Shark navigator zu62 upright vacuum cleaner
Talking about garages and other industrial environments, the ZU62 model may not be the most appropriate choice because large items and oily stuff may get it clogged. Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 makes a better choice for industrial applications.

The hose measures 12 feet. The upright vacuum cleaner has a removable canister, so you can use it above ground – sofas, beds and so on. You can use it for a little spot cleaning as well/ The unit is not a lift away design though.

Since the hose is so long, you can literally go anywhere. Got some heavy curtains that tend to get dusty? Consider it done. How about the inside of your car? Done. Ceiling cobwebs? Done. To help with such applications, the package also includes a duster brush, an upholstery tool and a crevice duster – two in one tool.

The cord ensures great maneuverability with 25 feet in length. It sounds like a lot, but at least you can clean large areas without unplugging the unit and plugging it into another outlet.

Ease of use and settings

Shark zu62 upright vacuum cleaner
The cleaner comes with a suction slider into the handle. You can open it and lower the suction – handy if you find it too powerful for particular types of floors. For instance, imagine getting the curtain sucked in – lots of unwanted consequences.

There is also a setting for hard floors and carpets. While not necessarily a major issue, not being able to turn the brush roll off completely could be a put off for some people.

Pros and Cons


• Brush roll can easily resist tangling hair
• Dust canister is larger than average
• Excellent for both carpets and hard floors
• Strong suction for its size
• Great for overhead cleaning


• Hose does not stretch out too easily, but it will overtime

Shark Navigator Pet Pro ZU62 Conclusion

It is safe to mention that Shark Navigator ZU62 makes one of the best rated upright vacuums designed by Shark. It dominates its price range as well because it does what it has to do and it features a few improvements in terms of maintenance and convenience.

Just like any other cleaner out there, it may have a few light flaws, but its benefits can easily outweigh them.

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