Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum Review

By | 19.12.2020

Technology and practice go hand in hand these days and robot vacuum cleaners seem to take over – chill on your sofa while the cleaner does everything for you. In an apparently losing battle against pet hair, fur and dander, the Goovi D380 robot vacuum seems to challenge your expectations and provide excellent results after the first use.

The package comes with the actual vacuum cleaner, a couple of extra side brushes, an extra two stage filter, a remote control and batteries. You also have the charging dock to recharge your robot, a power adapter and a cleaning tool for the brush. Just like you have probably guessed already, a manual of instructions will tell you everything you need to know about its operation.

About Goovi D380 robot vacuum

At a first glance, the Goovi 1600PA robotic vacuum cleaner does not necessarily stand out in the crowd. It features a classic appearance. It is about the size of a few pizza plates one on top of another, as well as small wheels to go around your home while picking up debris.

Goovi D380 robot vacuum
The cleaner measures around 12 inches in diameter and it is only 3.25 inches in height. It could go under most types of furniture with legs. As for its weight, it is only six pounds, so you should not break your back moving it around.

The best part about robot cleaners is that you do not really need to move them around too much. Let them charge, start them with their remote controls and once out of battery, they will return to the docking station.

Setup and initial instructions

Out of the box, you will see each piece bagged individually, but the whole setup is quite intuitive and relatively easy. You will need to click the side brushes into the cleaner, take the tape off, clear out the shipping foam from the top of the plate and plug it in.

According to the instructions, you must provide some clearance for the unit to dock when running out of battery. Plug the batteries into the remote control. If not fully charged, the logo will glow orange. When charged, it will be blue. Start it and let it do its magic.

In terms of long-term expenses, the Goovi D380 robot vacuum will not die once a part fails. If one of the brushes or rollers breaks down overtime, you can find parts for sale over the Internet. You can also find extra HEPA filters. The best part? Many parts are interchangeable with other parts from different brands.

Style and features

The Goovi 1600PA robotic vacuum cleaner is similar in style and action to other robot cleaners. The actual control and its suction power tend to make the difference though. Rated at 1600PA, it is 50% or more powerful in suction than other similar cleaners in this range.

The cleaner comes with two infrared sensors to detect walls and other similar obstacles, so the cleaner will slow down as it approaches them and turns around them. Put it under a dining table with eight chairs and you will be surprised by how efficient it is around all those legs.

If you only need to clean certain spots, the unit features a spot cleaning function. The unit will go over concentric circles of up to three feet in diameter. It will then reverse before performing the same movement again. The feature is great for spilled cereals, potting soil or coffee beans.

Goovi D380
There is one slight issue with this mode though – the rotating brush might throw some of the stuff out of the cleaning circle in the mode. Those leftovers will not be picked, unless you perform another spot cleaning task.

The edge mode is not to be overlooked either. Set the cleaner by a wall and it will follow the line. It navigates around obstacles and returns to the wall as soon as it can.

Overall performance

Rotating brushes will spin opposite directions, which helps against pushing debris away. It is a small detail that will improve the overall efficiency. Some cleaners in this price range use one brush only.

The timing function is worth some attention too. You can program or schedule the vacuum cleaner, so it will start automatically when you are out or walking dogs. Make sure your dogs are not there by themselves with the cleaner, as they might attack it.

Moving from hardwood floors to carpets is relatively smooth, yet the Goovi D380 robot vacuum might get stuck if one surface is way taller than the other. If they are on the same level, wheels should not face any issues – you may still need to rescue it every now and then.

The remote controller comes with five buttons. You can stop it, reverse the unit or just turn it around.

Goovi 1600pa robotic vacuum cleaner

While the cleaner performs very well on both hard floors and carpets, it may not be the best option for a garage. Uneven surfaces and heavy debris will most likely reduce its efficiency. In other words, it is definitely not the best robot vacuum for garage floors, yet it can handle perfectly even garages without too much debris – such as a garage turned into a gym.


• Directional controls on the remote
• Easy to put together or remove brushes
• Can be scheduled for unattended cleaning
• Dustbin is larger than in other vacuum cleaners – half a liter
• Goes back to the docking station as it runs out of battery


• Filter located in the dustbin lid might be challenging to clean


As a short final conclusion, the Goovi D380 robot vacuum makes an excellent choice in today’s growing industry of robot cleaners. It provides excellent value for money and does not feature any random bells and whistles that you will never use. It gets the job done on carpets and hard floors, picks up pet hair and dander and does not require online accounts to work properly.

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