Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum Review

By | 09.07.2020

Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum is definitely among the best products out there when we talk about ash collectors. Ash vacuums are a very specialized subset of vacuum cleaners, and those who purchase them only want the best but does the Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum deliver?


Just like most models in the market, the Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum is a canister vacuum. This means it has a standalone body with a long cord attached to the suction wand so you can use the mobility of the hose to get into all those small nooks and crannies where your arms wouldn’t normally be able to reach. However, the default hose is very short and just limits mobility. You can of course invest in a separate longer hose. Additionally, it is not equipped with wheels. So you will have to lift up the entire body using the carrying handle when you want to move around, instead of it dragging behind you automatically.

Ash vacuum cleaner


This Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum has a 4.8 gallon capacity. Now this may seem like very limited capacity but remember you will have to lift the body as you move so it may be a blessing in disguise. It is definitely light and easy to handle. But make sure you empty out the vacuum after every use or it will hinder the gadget’s performance.

Motor quality and storage

While we love its ability to pick up ash from anywhere, the vacuum makes a slow job out of it. The motor is weak and you will have to push the hose very close to the ash for it to pick it up. Not to mention, for such a weak motor, it makes hell of a racket. An astounding 92 dB of noise is released every time you turn it on.

Thanks to its uniquely small body, you can easily stash it away in any closet or cabinet. There is no hose or cord management system so you will have to wind them away yourself but it is still relatively compact and easy to store.


Not only do warranties ensure that you will get free maintenance or replacement within the time frame, it also shows that the company believes their product is a high quality item that will stand the test of time. The Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum has a warranty period of 2 years.

Vacuum for grill


● Lightweight
● Compact
● 2 year warranty


● No wheels for mobility
● Weak motor
● Loud
● Short hose


The Snow Joe ASHJ201 ash vacuum definitely gets the job done where ash removal is required. While we love its compact body that you can easily store or carry with you to an outdoor barbecue, it’s not our favorite. It’s loud, has a short hose so you will have to carry the whole body close to your cleanup points and on top of all things its motor makes the whole process very slow.

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