Coredy R650 Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 10.09.2020

The Coredy R650 Vacuum Cleaner is a full robot when it comes to cleaning dirt. It has intelligent boost technology sensor and this is fully automatic. It is designed to adjust its suction power according to changes in floor surface. This means it can raise its suction power when its in-built sensor detects carpet area right before it starts on such a surface and this function is switched on within seconds.

Coredy robot vacuum cleaner has high gloss finish and this is at once noticeable and you will find that the top is not made of plastic, but hard glass and hence you will find it quite resistant to scratches.

Coredy vacuum cleaner model R650

It is powerful enough to suck in most dust in any area where it is allowed to operate. In this context it is proved to be really good at avoiding areas that needs no cleaning. Buyers can easily find several cleaning modes that improve the cleaning process and these again can be customized to suit their own individual needs.

Intelligent Technological Innovation for Cleaning

You may find the vacuum cleaner quite appealing due to its round shape and its flexibility to move around any area designated for cleaning purpose. Although it is stated to be noiseless yet for many users this may not be so. You may find sound emanating out of it when it goes to full suction power. Although it does suck out most dust there may be few wastes that it may create complications. However, this is rare and generally it does fine job of removing anything lying on the floor.

Coredy robot vacuum cleaner has a 500 ml capacity dustbin that is good and can open 180 degrees wide and quickly empties too without creating any kind of mess. Dust is collected on a sponge HEPA filter and this is washable and pretty good at removing dusts including allergens. As you may easily wash the dustbin it means that you are not likely to find even minute particles like allergens or pollens after washing.

Coredy R650 Robotic Vacuum

You will also find the robotic vacuum has a very thin design made especially to go into the depths of gaps of sofas, bed and other furniture. It is armed with unique magnetic boundary strips to support it for doing these otherwise inaccessible areas.

Coredy R650 Powering Along with Super Batteries

You will also find that your Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner has efficient batteries on the range of 2600 mAh lithium-ion and this would give you complete support for up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted service before getting recharged. Its noise is said to be less than that of microwave yet this may be debatable as when fully powered there may be some noise although this may not be unpleasant. Due to this reason once you get used to low humming you may easily allow it to function automatically for cleaning while you are fast asleep during the night.

Accessories that Gives Edge to this Vacuum Cleaner

You will find this vacuum cleaner having unique features that you may not find in many vacuum cleaners. You have infrared sensor with anti drop technology that prevents any fall or accidents.

During delivery you are sure to receive some additional accessories like:

  • Remote control;
  • Two AAA batteries;
  • Two magnetic strips of 6.6 ft;
  • Four side brushes;
  • Additional HEPA filter;
  • Adapter for AC power;
  • Charging base;
  • Cleaning tool.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons

You would find a lot of pros about this vacuum cleaner. In the first place it is pretty good if you have pets around your home dropping off hairs now and then. It sucks in all these dirt pretty well. In case of slightly elevated areas it climbs in without any hassles. Even in case of high pile carpets it does clean up quite well. It wouldn’t run off any ledge as it has drop sensors. You then get quality customer service 24 X 7 from the company. The Coredy R650 has tremendous suction power of 1600 Pa and this is more than Coredy R300 model.

Coredy robot vacuum cleaner R650
The cons would include things like finding thick hair tangled around the vacuum brush and this means you would need to clean it frequently. And it is definitely not compatible to Bluetooth.

Starting with your New Vacuum Cleaner

You would find the start switch easily and is situated on top and there is only one button both for on and off. You will also find the switch displaying light so as to make out its current status. When you charge the battery full then you will note the LED indicator showing blue while with standby mode it would show orange. This orange may give off flashing light intermittently and this means that its battery is low. If a red light is shown then it means that there is an error about its function.

You will also get a remote control device that has colorless LCD display with a set of buttons so as to give you good control of your robot when it is not in automatic mode. The ‘Auto’ switch is used for automatic cleaning. You may set your cleaning time, cleaning plan button, button for spot cleaning and edge cleaning.


Overall Coredy R650 is pretty good robot cleaning device that you can help cleaning any area of your house. It has special edge mode that enables you to make your robot clean at desired position like edges of furniture or along walls. Scheduled cleaning has to be set on the remote so that the robot does accordingly.

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