Hoover CH30000 Review

By | 17.03.2021

At a first glance, Hoover CH30000 may seem a bit different from the classic vacuum cleaners you are used to. It is different from modern robot cleaners too. In fact, it looks like it has been designed in the 1950s, yet the unit is quite modern. It was designed for a plethora of light cleaning operations, as well as detail cleaning. From this point of view, it may seem more suitable for commercial applications, but it is just as handy in residential areas if you need better handling, direct cleaning and less wheeling around.

Hoover CH30000

Hoover CH30000 design and style

The design is clearly a bit odd – no doubts about it. It is a canister vacuum, but it is meant to be carried around. Hoover CH30000 has a handle and a shoulder strap, so you can hold it or just carry it on your shoulder. It does not have any wheels, so you cannot pull or push it around.

The unit is square in shape and quite lightweight – it has to be light, otherwise, no one would bother carrying it around. Once you get used to the design, you will find it pretty handy. Many other features are similar to what you can find in regular cleaners.

It has a port for the hose and you can swap tools without too much hassle. Overall, the appearance is basic and while it looks commercial, the vacuum cleaner provides good cleaning capabilities and great value for money – no random bells and whistles.

Hoover CH30000 accessories and extras

It has all the tools and accessories you may require throughout your cleaning procedures. The hard floor cleaning head is classic. You also have a multi surface head, which is suitable for all types of floors – it seems to be more efficient on carpets though.

Hoover CH30000 accessories

The crevice tool will help for hardly accessible areas, while the dusting brush is recommended for sensitive and delicate surfaces. It is quite soft and will prevent you from scratching surfaces. In terms of cleaning, you also get an upholstery tool – great for curtains too.

The package includes the shoulder strap if you do not feel like carrying the unit by hand, as well as a cord wrap – its main role is to help while storing the vacuum cleaner when not in use.

Dust bag and maintenance

Instead of using a dust bin like many modern appliances, Hoover CH30000 relies on a dirt bag. It could be a good thing from some points of view, as well as a problem sometimes. The benefits are pretty clear. First, there is less dirt sent back into the air as you vacuum. Second, you will not need to touch and handle debris and dust – quite disgusting.

But then, removing the bag could be tricky – you will get used to it after a few uses though. You need to open the latch, which is quite difficult to flip open. Instructions are a bit unclear when it comes to removing the bag, but you will figure it out eventually. Dump the dirt and you are ready to go again.

Sizing standards and weight

Hoover CH30000 vacuum sizing and weight

The vacuum cleaner must be lightweight in order to operate. Hoover CH30000 weighs just over eight pounds – a child or an elder person may not really be able to use it. It has a 33 foot cord and the hose can be stretched for extra length. Maneuverability is flawless, as the cleaner is by your side wherever you go – no need to pull it behind you.

You use one hand to hold it (or stick it over your shoulder) and the other one to direct the hose. It feels a little awkward, indeed, but you will love how easy it is to move around. Plus, swapping tools is a matter of seconds – quite versatile.

Hoover CH30000 canister vacuum

Of course, there might be people out there who dislike the idea of carrying the unit. If you want something classic, yet modern and with a great suction power, Miele Compact C1 could be a good alternative.

Longterm maintenance

This appliance does bring good value for money, but its value will add up overtime, as some parts must be replaced. For example, its filter should be replaced every few months. There are two filters – the post motor one requires replacement. This is the most important maintenance task to keep in mind – fail to replace the filter and the motor will struggle and lose efficiency.

The secondary filter does not need replacement, but it must be brushed on a regular basis.

As for the bag, these things are cheap – it is highly recommended to buy them in bulk. Take it out, get rid of it and put a new one in. How often you change it depends on how often you clean the house, as well as whether you have a big or a small family.


Hoover CH30000 puts out about 72dB in terms of noise. To help you understand what it means, you should know that city traffic is about the same level of noise, while a hairdryer will put out about 90dB. You may not be able to hear the doorbell from another room, but you can hear if someone shouts at you to stop for a moment.


• Comes with a wide variety of cleaning tools and accessories
• Good suction power for most surfaces
• High level of maneuverability
• Easy to swap tools
• Lightweight and easy to move around


• Design feels a bit odd
• No extra suction or power settings


Bottom line, while initially designed with commercial purposes, Hoover CH30000 has managed to build its way into residential areas as well. The design suggests commercial applications, but its versatility and convenience make it suitable for all kinds of places.

It may take a few days to get used to it, but you will find it relatively simple to carry around due to its lightweight profile. Swapping accessories is pretty fast too. Overall, it is a basic and efficient vacuum cleaner with no bells and whistles – good value for money.