Dirt Devil CV1500 Review – Integrating A Vacuuming System Into Your Home

By | 03.02.2021

Initially designed for recreational vehicles, Dirt Devil CV1500 is excellent for homes and other environments too. It is a built in vacuum cleaner with lots of flexibility in its long hose and plenty of attachments for versatility.

The affordable price tag is one of the most attractive aspects of this cleaner, but its capabilities are not to be overlooked either. It represents a solid option that will cost even less overtime due to its construction and design. Now, what should you know about it?

Understanding the concept of a central vacuum system

A central vacuum system is practically built in or integrated into a room or property. It allows vacuuming much faster, in a very convenient manner. Normally, such systems come with three elements. The power unit is normally located in a utility room or the room that tends to get dirtier than others.

Some systems come with ducts all around the home, meaning you would have to push the dirt towards these vents. On the other hand, you can also find more compact cleaners that will only handle one room – such as the kitchen.

Since bringing dirt close to the vent is not always convenient – especially if you have carpets, these systems also feature long hoses. Draw the hose out and move it around the problematic area. Hoses are longer than in normal vacuum cleaners, as you cannot move the actual unit around.

Design and build

The Dirt Devil CV1500 vacuum cleaner comes as a compact box measuring 14.5x7x6.25 inches. It weighs about 20 pounds and can be installed in two different ways. You could leave it somewhere as a standalone unit, but it also has brackets for a built in installation.

Dirt Devil CV1500 central vacuum system

Should you choose not to fit it in, you may lose a bit on the overall design, but at least you can move it around. This idea is helpful if you have two or more floors – the hose is not long enough to cover such a wide area.

The cleaner is based on metallic parts and features a few hard plastic components. Hard plastic is durable, yet lightweight. Metallic parts ensure great durability and will also add to the overall value of your RV if you choose to install it there. It may not be a good idea to install and uninstall it every time you clean the house – just to be able to take it to other rooms or upstairs. Brackets may widen and go loose.

Dirt Devil CV1500 attachments and extras

Dirt Devil CV1500 attachments

The Dirt Devil CV1500 vacuum cleaner has everything you need to start using it out of the box. It is pretty intuitive and attachments can be fitted in without checking the manual of instructions. You have a 10 inch rug tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and crevice tool – the mesh tool bag is also included.

All attachments are manual. Simply fit them at the end of the hose and use them for upholstery, tall surfaces or hardly accessible areas. You can go even further and invest in the Broan-NuTone CT700 electric brush too – it features a motorized roller bar and lots of digitalized features. You must purchase it separately though.

Broan-NuTone CT700 Brush
While the CV1500 model comes with a full package, the investment in this brush could be worth it. You have a power brush that can remove everything – from crumbs to soil. Brushes are based on nylon. It comes with a built in LED light to see around the brush as well – mostly suitable for hardly accessible areas.

The brush is adjustable and boosts four different heights. Since it comes with rubber wheels, you can steer without too much effort. Plus, you can keep it regardless of the vacuum cleaner you have – it is not specifically designed for the CV1500 only – it is compatible with CH515, CH520, CH615 and CH620 hoses, which are the most common standards in this industry.

Powerful motor and capacity

Numbers are quite encouraging – the vacuum cleaner is ideal for homes, but it will make an even better option for recreational vehicles due to its compact appearance. It comes with a high quality 7AMP, 120V motor – a bit more power than other similar units in this price range.

You have 501 air watts and an incredible airflow of 100CFM – way above average. In terms of capacity, it comes with a few spare bags and each bag can take up to a gallon. It is more than what you could get in a regular vacuum cleaner, mostly because it is built in.

There is not much to worry about in terms of health and safety. Should the Dirt Devil CV1500 overload or overheat, it has a safety feature that prevents breakdowns. Instead, it will stop by itself and reset automatically when cooled. Since the motor is tucked away, protected and not exposed to too many movements, it will be incredibly durable.

Air cleaning capabilities

You would not expect a vacuum cleaner to work like an air purifier. In fact, most vacuum cleaners tend to release a bit of dust through the back. While you are usually able to grab all the big bits, invisible dust will still be left behind.

Luckily, the Dirt Devil CV1500 features a HEPA filter – the type of filter found in air purifiers and air conditioning systems. Instead of recycling dust, the cleaner will simply keep it inside. You can breathe fresh air and lose all the potential allergens.

Long hose

The hose goes up to 35 feet in size. It is more than enough to cover an entire RV. Even if you have an actual bus, installing this unit in the central part of the RV will make cleaning simple and efficient. When it comes to a home, the hose will cover large kitchens and open spaces. It can take adjacent hallways too. Make sure you install it in a central location or a room that faces lots of traffic and spills – such as the kitchen.


• Super long expandable hose
• Great value for money
• Compatible with third party accessories too
• Full package and list of attachments
• Air purification capabilities


• Manual features and no digital bells and whistles

Who is it for?

The Dirt Devil CV1500 vacuum cleaner is excellent for RVs, camper vans or other large homes on wheels. It is great for container homes due to its compact appearance, not to mention large kitchens. If your kitchen is massive or you have an open space design, the long hose will be able to handle such distances.

The package has all the attachments you might need for hardly accessible areas and upholstery, but there are third party options that you can bring in too.

Dirt devil central vacuum system
While compact, the cleaner might be a bit too much for houses with more floors. On the other hand, you may not necessarily find room to install it if you live in a studio or a small flat – yet excellent for small areas. If you need something more portable, Moosoo XL-618A could be a better choice.

Dirt Devil CV1500 Conclusion

Bottom line, Dirt Devil CV1500 is an excellent choice for small spaces like recreational vehicles, small homes or large kitchens – as long as you find the perfect place to install it. It is based on solid and durable materials and while it may not have the power of a massive conventional vacuum cleaner, it will easily keep small areas clean and tidy.

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