PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC102 Review

By | 18.05.2019

Do not you know what to do with the ashes once you’ve finished with your barbecue or fireplace? Powersmith PAVC102 is the answer. Here we are going to show you one of the best ways that you can clean ash, dirt, and dust from hard to reach places such as chimneys.

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum: Review

A fireplace ash vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning ash from chimneys, outdoor grills, and wood stoves. We cannot use any type of vacuum cleaner for this purpose since they could not withstand the heat of the ash and they would not be suitable for the task. That is why you have to use a specialized ash vacuum cleaner for the job. And that is where the PowerSmith Ash Vacuum comes in.

Say goodbye to the tedious work of cleaning your fireplace with manual instruments, the PowerSmith Ash Vacuum brand offers a powerful and well-designed vacuum cleaner, made of metal and plastic resistant to high temperatures, to give you good durability and of course the best results. It has an integrated filter and metal tank capable of storing 4 gallon ash vacuum. The power of its motor (10 amp) and connection make it a strong product to perform strong and fast cleaning. The suction hose is 10 foot long and has a good diameter side, ideal to reach any corner of the fireplace, barbecue or stove.

It is easy to transport since its weight, which is 14.8 pounds and dimensions 14.2 x 14.2 x 17.9 inches make it possible. A product of a simple one that will make your routine easier! You can start cleaning your grill, stove or fireplace rather easily with this ash vacuum cleaner.

It is a very practical and easy to use cleaning element, which will save you a lot of headaches because its function of collecting the ashes from the chimneys makes it be of unique manufacture and strength. Thanks to this, the air inputs do not get clogged and you will get better combustion.

Its tank is made of solid steel and integrates an air filter to trap small ash residues and other dirt, providing greater durability of the product, it is easy to clean and replace when you have it. This is the vacuum cleaner to get when you need to get heavy duty cleaning done. As we have said before, since it is very portable, you can easily move it around. So if you need your grill cleaned, you can easily take this vacuum cleaner outside. And take it back inside just as easily when your chimney needs a good cleaning as well.

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum: Conclusion

A beautifully designed vacuum cleaner that promises to give your fireplace the ideal maintenance for better combustion in each use. Backed by the quality of its PowerSmith PAVC102  brand, it is made of quality materials and resistant to temperatures so you can use it with full confidence.

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