Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 Review

By | 30.12.2020

Widely known as producers of high-quality vacuum cleaners, the Bissell Company introduces another model called the 18P03 that aims to upscale and enhance hassle-free cleaning modes. The Bissell Garage Pro 18po3 is a type of a wall-mounted vacuum designed for dry and wet seasons. It is made to manage disarray in workshops, basements, or garages.

About Bissell Garage Pro 18P03

Aside from base surfaces and workbenches, this garage pro can also be used as a cleaning tool to sweep off litter and debris in a car. The Bissell Garage Pro is able to polish upholstery and concrete spaces because of its multiple attachments feature. It finishes off areas, leaving them completely clean and spotless. One of the remarkable highlights of this vacuum cleaner is the reverse airflow function. Such a feature is the key for the model to act as a blower as well.

The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 is at par with the rest of the vacuum models in the market. It tries to surpass the functions of an average dust buster and accomplishes cleaning off the heavier-duty mess. This model establishes the high-end benefits of improving the machine’s power and size.

Bissell garage pro 18p03

It targets interior spaces and offers multipurpose uses. The perks of this cleaning tool surpass other models of its kind, hailing it as one of the extensive commercial cleaners available today. Here are the selling points and unique features that can attract customers to proceed with their purchase in no time.

Bissell Garage Pro Features


Coming with a 4-gallon tank, the Bissell Garage Pro has a design that promotes easy-to-use features. The container of the vacuum is set in a translucent structure allowing users to be aware of the remaining space before unloading the receptacle. This model is also a prefabricated vacuum and does not require heavy effort to mount and assemble.

Multiple accessories

The Bissell Garage Pro is packed with different accessories suitable for any cleaning range. It arrives with a crash-proof 32-inch flexible hose, a hose holder with fasteners, an accessory caddy, and a mounting bracket with no screws.

Bissell accessories


Users can now save space as the Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 is a wall-mounting vacuum. It does not add clutter to a room and is readily available for spontaneous use. This model only takes up minimal space and allows room for other equipment and tools essential in the garage. You can also work worry-free and comfortably knowing it will not cause you to tip over.

Long hose

The size of the hose should be an important factor in looking for a cleaning machine. The Bissell Garage Pro has a 32 ft. hose that can be stretched to reach acute spots in your car or the garage. Because of its long hose, you might not need to remove it from the wall and thus save your arm from carrying its weight. The 32 ft. hose also has an excellent suction capability. Its 1.5-inch diameter opening can take up small objects — even sawdust and tree leaves.

Bissell garage pro 18p03 long hose

Multiple operating modes

The model is gauged with multiple operating modes as it serves to spot dirt in both dry and wet cleaning. Its operating mode can even double as a blower to manage falling leaves that may litter inside the garage. Users are advised to launch a test blow to make sure the hose is clear and empty.

Prepare a trash bag and throw debris leftovers before switching to the blower mode. The multiple operating modes of the Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 preserve the users’ resources, such as effort and money in having to buy additional tools for a vacuum.

Safety features

Bissell Company ensures safety to all its end-users by attaching a built-in thermal protector to the vacuum model and reducing the chance for the equipment to overheat. The protector can be activated when the movement of the main motor is halted. Clogging, full-dirt cup, and dirty filters can start the complication.

Also, the unit’s faceplates come in three LED lights that notify users of the different states of the vacuum. The yellow light alerts you when it is time to empty the dirt tank, the red light gives off a signal for water levels reaching the maximum limit, and the green light beams on when the vacuum is turned on.

Bissell Garage Pro Cleaning Attachments

4-gallon semi-translucent dirt tank

Between the empties, the 4-gallon semi-translucent tank can help users extend cleaning time. Its semi-translucent feature offers a visual indication and keeps you aware of the dirt tank’s remaining capacity.

Wall mounting kit

The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 comes with a wall mounting kit to ease the job of attaching it to any wall. It cannot hinder you from moving around easily as it only takes up a small space in your garage. Plus, the unit will be accessible the moment you need it.

Bissell garage pro

12 amp wet/dry vacuum

The 12 amp wet/dry vacuum is built with notable cleaning performance and power. Since this model adapts in either a wet or dry mess, the Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 is perfect for environments engaging in heavy work such as workshops, vehicles, and garages.

Converts to blower

By activating the reverse motor and flipping the switch, users can control the vacuum’s blower function. It offers efficiency for outdoor and indoor cleaning needs.

Two-stage filtration and extra-long hose

The removal of allergens and dust in the air will be maximized with the help of two-stage filtration. Two-stage filtration reduces heavy-duty dirt tasks.

With the unit’s 32 ft. hose, its dimension allows users to reach spots and corners that are normally difficult to get to when polishing a room.

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 Performance

The unit has an impressive suction performance as it picks up almost all sorts of dirt, including crumbs in car seats, leaves, and specks of dust in the garage. The Bissell Garage Pro blower function greatly helps in cleaning up light snow, debris, and leaves on the side parts of your garage or your house.

It can be easily cleaned or cleared out to remove the remaining dust particles in the vacuum. Doing so will also protect you from clogging the vacuum and avoiding overheating. Although this model is not for large workspaces, it can certainly clean humble garages and workshops.

The additional accessories and built-in features contribute to the whole performance of the model. It makes the user’s cleaning time more manageable and effective. However, if you prefer to use a budget-friendly wet/dry vacuum movable, the Vacmaster Armour All AA255 is a good choice too.


• The long hose can reach acute and difficult corner spaces
• Easy mounting and storage
• 7 cleaning tool attachments
• Flexible functions particularly for wet and dry cleaning jobs
• Doubles as blower
• Bagless design
• Powerful succession
• Additional accessories
• Two-stage filtration system
• Enormous hose


• The filter can clog up easily
• Might not be efficient in overly dusty spaces
• Not an everyday-cleaning option

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