Roborock E4 Review

By | 18.03.2021

You may not have too many expectations from an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, but Roborock E4 is likely to change this misconception. There are not too many robots in its price segment that actually rely on smart navigating systems. In other words, it goes in straight lines and covers everything, rather than moving randomly around the house. All in all, this is the entry level solution from this brand for those who shop on the budget, but it is far from the entry level performance.

Style and design

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock E4 has the classic profile of a robot cleaner and the minimalistic appearance associated with the E series. Underneath, you will find a decently sized brush, a couple of rubber wheels and a side brush. If you have owned other Roborock cleaners before, you will notice that E4 is quite similar to S6 Pure, yet it does not have the middle case.

It is important to know that all rubber side brushes designed for other Roborock models are compatible with E4 as well.

Roborock E4 navigation

Roborock E4 robot navigation

Since it does not use LIDAR, Roborock E4 manages to stay in the budget friendly segment. Instead of that system, it relies on a couple of gyroscopes, as well as a so called opticEye sensor. The LIDAR system involves starting in the middle and moving towards the edges. This one can be more efficient, as the cleaner will move in straight lines. It will take one part at a time. While it will come up with a map, you cannot see updates in real time. You will see the result after the cycle is complete though.

Furniture, wires and cramped places

The Roborock E4 robot vacuum cleaner comes with an upgrade from other similar robots. While some robots will simply bump into objects without slowing down (scuffing furniture), this one will not. It will slow down as it approaches objects. It will still bump into them, but it will do it at a very low speed – no damage on either side.

When it comes to wires, it is hard to find a robot that will entirely avoid cables – this one may still run over them or get tangled. As for cramped spaces – such as tight areas between chairs and furniture legs, the robot will move around in circles a little, but it will find a way out eventually.

Carpet boost and gentle mode

Roborock E4 robot vacuum

The carpet boost feature is another option through the application. When turned on, the cleaner will go into its maximum settings once it detects carpets. It is a good feature to use because the suction power is higher and brushes are more active, meaning it is more likely to grab stubborn dirt and debris.

On a different note, you also have a gentle mode for mopping – lower speed, but a larger area covered. You would have to purchase a mop module for this specific cleaner separately though.

Dust container

Roborock E4 does not have the LIDAR case and system, meaning it should have more room inside. As a direct consequence, the manufacturer has brought in a larger dust container. Its overall capacity goes up to 0.64 liters – more than most other robot cleaners, including more expensive models.

Emptying the container is relatively simple too. Take the filter out, shake it a little and empty it. Pay attention, as the dirt can get on the sides if you are not careful – shake the unit very gently.

Power and noise

The E4 is more powerful than other alternatives from this brand and can easily compete against more expensive cleaners. On the maximum setting, it boosts 21.51CFM, while the silent mode will bring in 11.33CFM.

As for noise, the silent mode will cause just over 59dB, while the maximum one will be 64.4dB. You can hear it, but you can still have a conversation in the same room.


Roborock E4

The robot vacuum cleaner can be scheduled through its own application. You can select the time for the cleaning session, as well as the frequency – daily, on weekends and so on. There is a high level of customization – if done correctly, you would never have to worry about cleaning again.

Roborock E4 performance

This vacuum excels at cleaning hard floors. Obviously, hard floors are easier to clean because they are not stubborn – dirt is easy to pick up without too much hassle. The surface pickup in carpet cleaning is surprisingly good for this price range too. However, deep cleaning has some limitations. There are more factors that will dictate the efficiency, from the carpet depth to the dirt type. You will still see good results though.

Most of the hair (be it pet or human hair) will make it to the dustbin, but you may still have a bit of hair on the brush once the cleaning session is done. In theory, edges can be cleaned while the brush drags dirt closer, but you may still find a bit of debris here and there.

Just like other robot cleaners, this one will find it difficult to get over stairs. If you want something more portable to move up and down, give Hoover CH30000 a try – it is manual though.

A single charge will keep the robot going for 200 minutes.

Roborock E4 review


• Excellent and very efficient navigation system
• Large dust container
• Good airflow while keeping the noise down
• Great value for money
• Can also mop with the right attachments


• Mopping pad must be bought separately
• Might leave some debris around edges


As a short final conclusion, Roborock E4 is likely to impress with its capabilities. Roborock has managed to keep the price low by eliminating some of the random bells and whistles that you may not necessarily need – you can also purchase some of them separately, such as the mopping feature. Other than that, it has a good cleaning capability and will smash hard floors – great for carpets too, but not the best for super deep cleaning.

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