Coredy R3500s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 29.08.2020

Coredy R3500s is a new vacuum cleaner designed, produced and marketed by iMartine. The vacuum power of the MAX 1700pa can be easily increased to ensure deeper cleanliness. It is fitted with a removable and washable HEPA filter that can maintain its 90% filter output after one year of use. It has a dustbin of 550 ml, which can accommodate more pollutants and dirt and substantially reduce the amount of waste disposal.

It is a relatively standard size 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.7 inch robot vacuum. This is also the best fit for all smaller nooks and cranes to be tested and washed. In addition, these scales make it much easier to avoid sight and mind when not in use.

With regard to weight, Coredy is also very popular for vacuum robots. At just under 9 lbs, you’re glad to know that it’s not too hard to get around your home, even with a full dust cup. Depending on the cleaning mode, your whole home can be swept and gleamed in 120 minutes.

Coredy R3500S Vacuum Cleaner
When it comes to cleaning modes, the Coredy R3500s has a lot of options for you. You can choose one depending on how tidy your home is. This superior vacuum cleaner works perfectly on carpets and hard floors, but certain modes give them the best opportunity to be cleaner.

Let’s discuss about Coredy R3500s features and specifications:

The Suction Force

First and foremost, all robot aspirations are necessary to clear dust, debris, pet fur and other dirt from your floors. We’re surprised that you can get this suction in this budget robot vacuum. It produce 1700 Pa of suction for cleaning the average room.

Coredy R3500S

Access regulation

The R3500S is Wi-Fi compliant. You can use the Google Assistant, Alexa, or Coredy JoyHome software to give directions to you, except through remote control. The only downside is that Wi-Fi is only 2.4 GHz enabled.

Coredy R3500S robot vacuum cleaner
Lack of Wi-Fi access means the remote control can only be used to tell the robot what to do. I don’t know about you, I’d like to talk to the robot, without having to follow the distance.

When you buy a vacuum from a robot, you want it to be cleaned for as long as possible, soaking up all the dirt and debris. The battery-powered robot vacuum can only last so long. However, the longer the length of the race, the better.

This robot use a 2600mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to two hours. Typically, this is long enough to do a job.

Border Stripes and Sensors

The Coredy R3500s comes with two boundary strips to help you build no-go areas manually. Dual-hall sensors allow the robot to identify lines. Each border strip is 6.6 feet wide.

Coredy R3500S Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuums will have to be replaced every month (if not every week) without sensors. There’s serious confusion. The vacuum will be destroyed with all the furniture in the building, bumping into the obstacles without warning.

There are, however, sensors in robot vacuums to prevent these occurrences. The R3500S use anti-drop and collision sensors to avoid cliffs and mobilize.

It makes life much easier for you with these fantastic sensors, especially in combination with its fantastic planning function. Now, while you’re out with your family or even at work for the day, you can take control of cleaning from your head.

Eradicate the need to clean up dust and dirt floors for good. Only set the timer and collect the prizes.

You were screened

The Coredy R3500s is, of course, equipped with a state-of-the-art HEPA filter that removes unwanted particles that lead to bad smells and allergies at home.

The filter is also completely washable, so you don’t have to wait for a repair time and again. As long as you keep your filter on a regular basis, it turns into a breeze, and the air in your home is much more breathable.

Quick recharging & resuming

Another function I’d be looking for in a good robot vacuum is the ability to recharge back to the foundation. If the robot goes back to work automatically, that’s a major plus.

This robot vacuum can be recharged back to the port. You also have to tell them to start washing. If you want to use the R3500S, do not expect to refresh and restart immediately.

This isn’t too bad. It’s going to be recharged at least by the time you ask the robot to go back to the washing.

Cleaning of a few floors

Coredy R3500s clean different types of flooring – bare concrete, low-level and medium-sized tapestries. In addition, there are four cleaning modes available. These include automatic cleaning of the bottom, spot and max aspiration.

This robot cleaner, however, are battling high-pitch tapestries. In addition, if you have dark colored carpets, it is not advisable to purchase it.

Dirt broad

Every vacuum robot has no pockets. Expect dirt from the R3500S in the dirt pool. The size of the dust box is usually small, as the vacuum in the robot is usually compact.

This cleaner, however, is battling high-pitch tapestries. In addition, if you have dark colored carpets, it is not advisable to purchase it.


So are you ready to take the jump from manual cleaning to a clean house? We were saying so. You can take back your precious time with the Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum and get on doing all that really matters to you as your Coredy takes care of it all.

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