Shark Apex ZS362 Review

By | 11.02.2021

Shark Apex ZS362 could be the ideal choice for those living in small houses or flats. It is great for medium-sized places as well, yet you might need something bigger for a large home – it might as well make a great second cleaner for fast cleanups.

The unit is corded and features no bags. It is versatile and provides a two in one operation. It can be used as a classic vacuum cleaner, but it may also make a good handheld unit for tall surfaces or upholstery. All in all, this Shark ZS362 review will help you determine whether or not it is suitable for your needs.

Shark Apex ZS362 suction and maneuverability

The Sharp ZS362 cleaner has an impressive suction – in fact, it can outweigh most other cleaners in its price range. It can pick up all kinds of debris – from large cat litter and crumbs to small particles of dust. Consistency is also worth some appreciation, regardless of the surface you clean.

Shark ZS362 vacuum cleaner

In terms of maneuverability, it is smooth – even when floating from one surface type to another. You do not need to work too hard to reach under furniture, as it has a flat head. Swivel steering reduces tiredness and boosts efficiency in hardly accessible areas.

Shark ZS362 modern technologies

The Shark Apex ZS362 cleaner features a few modern technologies that help it stand out in the crowd. The DuoClean technology is supported by two different brushes. One of them is soft and suitable for small debris, while the other one is hard and tough – great for stubborn dirt. This technology makes deep cleaning or carpets a breeze.

Then, you have the Zero-M technology, which adds to the overall convenience and maintenance. You might know already how daunting it is to prevent those tangling issues – you need to free the brush when there is too much hair around it. Thanks to Shark’s Zero-M technology, these issues are now history – no more hands in the dirt and no more scissors to remove tangled hair.

General performance on various surfaces

Shark Apex ZS362 is excellent for carpets. Its bristle brush is great to deep clean carpets and remove stubborn dirt. While this brush exceeds all expectations on carpets, it is not suitable for hard floors. Instead, you need to use the soft brush for wood, tiles, cement or vinyl. The soft profile prevents scratches and longterm damage.

Shark Apex ZS362 Review

If you have pets, you probably want to know if the cleaner can handle pet hair – no issues at all. Sure, any cleaner can remove pet hair from hard surfaces, but the ZS362 model is just as efficient on carpets due to its tough brush that removes stubborn pet hair and sends it up for easy suction, whether you use the vacuum cleaner in your home or your car.

Convenience and versatility

There are literally no reasons to leave dirt behind. The swiveling head and the flat surface make the vacuum cleaner excellent in tight areas. But at the same time, you can also rely on LED lights to illuminate around the head. Lights are fitted on the floor nozzle, as well as the hand vacuum cleaner. They are excellent when you go under furniture or when you reach hidden corners.

Shark Apex ZS362 LED lights

In terms of versatility, you will love how far this cleaner can go. Many families rely on a single vacuum cleaner for all their needs. You want something that will clean every surface and can potentially go inside your car too, not to mention higher surfaces – ceilings, curtains, stairs and so on. Luckily, Shark Apex ZS362 will get the job done, regardless of the surface.

You can use the stick mode for floors, but you do not have to climb on chairs and sofas. Instead, switch to the handheld mode – clean your ceiling, grab some spiderwebs and manage your chairs and furniture. If the ceiling is too high, you can use the wand extension for an easy reach. Talking about accessories, the package will also include a precision duster, a pet multi tool and a crevice tool.

Sizing standards and storage

The corded cleaner does not come with a bag – instead, remove the dirt recipient, open and empty it. Altogether, Sharp Apex ZS362 measures 10.2×9.8×46.4 inches. It is quite compact and thin and can be stored vertically in a closet or behind furniture.

Given the compact size, the unit is lightweight too – just 10 pounds, hence the ease of use when maneuvering it around. The power cord measures 30 feet and the dirt cup capacity goes up to 0.74 quarts.

Motor and capabilities

The motor brings in 600 watts and 5 amps. It is not the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, but it is quite impressive for its size and price range. Given the bristle brush, it will easily clean high pile carpets without too much hassle – when it comes to hard floors, even less powerful vacuum cleaners can get the job done.

Shark ZS362 Apex DuoClean

The vacuum cleaner will not leave any particles behind, yet tiny allergens might be left around. While it has washable foam and felt filters, it lacks a HEPA filter for tiny particles and allergens. It does a good job at cleaning around, but it will not help against allergies. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 is your best choice if HEPA filtration is a priority.


• Can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner too
• Removable dirt cup is easy to empty and clean
• Excellent at picking pet hair
• Long cord for large areas
• Self cleaning technology for brushes – no more tangling hair


• The top is relatively heavy, so it is not perfectly balanced and it might topple over


Bottom line, Shark Apex ZS362 is clearly a good choice for medium and small homes, yet it may take a while to clean a large house with it. It has a few innovative features and technologies to keep its brushes clean and to allow cleaning high surfaces, but there are no fancy bells and whistles, meaning it provides great value for money.

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