Tineco A10 Hero Review

By | 09.08.2020

Tineco A10 Hero it’s cordless stick vacuum cleaner performs best on cleaning carpet and hardwood floors. This vacuum looks like Orfeld H20A and comes with a soft roller and a basic brush tool attachment. Tineco A10 Hero is the best value vacuum cleaner in the market, given its powerful performance. It can vacuum clean almost 50% of the dirt and dust on the floor. Given below are the pros and cons of this cleaner.

Tineco A10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Trigger Lock Mechanism

It is equipped with a handle that features a trigger lock mechanism. Just a press of the trigger lock button and the vacuum cleaner will be locked, preventing it from continuing to produce suction when you want to walk away from a while. To resume, you simply press the trigger again to go back to the on position. You don’t have to keep squeezing the trigger during cleaning.

LED Lights Lit Up the Debris

Tineco Hero

There is a row of 5 small LED lights installed on the front of the cleaner head. They make a big difference in lighting up the surface you are vacuuming, allowing you to see clearly the dirt particles that are on the floor. You can use it to clean the tight spaces under low furniture since it has a low profile head.

Provide a Decent Suction Power

Tineco A10 Hero is equipped with a 350W motor that is capable of providing up to 110W of suction power in max mode. The max mode can tremendously improve the suction power when you switch from the low mode. Inside the cleaner head, you’ll find a high torque power brush that can offer up to 80% higher deep clean performance. The high torque brush allows you to transition smoothly from low pile carpet to hardwood floor picking up every speck of dirt all the way.

Lightweight and Compact

Tineco Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It is one of the lightest cordless vacuum cleaners around and weighs about 5 lbs. You can lift it and glide it on the floor effortlessly due to the lightweight feature. It is also suitable for cleaning the interior of a vehicle because it can be dismantled and function as a handheld vacuum. You’ll have to disconnect the wand and attach another tool when you want to use as a handheld unit. It comes with a storage caddy for storing the main vacuum and other accessories which makes it ideal for small apartment. The caddy can be mounted on the wall and has two extra slots for other attachments.

Comes with Two HEPA Filters

There are two HEPA filters to prevent the allergens from exiting the exhaust and contaminating the air. The premotor filter located in the dust canister can trap pet hair, and dust mites while the post motor filter located at the back allows you to clean the filter without detaching it. The filters can be washed by rinsing with water when they get dirty. Before you install the filters back, make sure they are already completely dry. More frequent cleaning is required when you constantly use it to clean places with a lot of dust and pet hair.

Long Battery Life

Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The stick vacuum is powered by a single 21.6 volt lithium ion battery. The battery will continue to provide the same power until it is completely used up. When the battery is used up, you can remove it and fit in a new fully charged battery. This allows you to continue your vacuuming chore while you are charging the depleted battery. One battery is included free in the packaging. If you want to use two batteries, you will have to buy it separately from the store. The battery that comes with the unit is charged up to 30% only so make sure you fully recharge it on your first use.

Charging the battery full takes around 5 hours. When it is fully charged, you will see all three blue lights lit.

Good Customer Service

Tineco has a good customer service that will respond quickly when you email them about the issues you have with the vacuum cleaner. They will send you follow up emails to see if they could resolve the issue. They could replace a part if it is necessary. The Tineco A10 Hero comes with a 2 year limited warranty so make sure you contact them within this period if you want to return it.


Not Suitable for Cleaning Pet Litter

Tineco A10 Hero is not efficient when coming to picking up pet and human hair that is embedded in the carpet. When you run it over the carpet, you will find that only some of the hair get picked up. The motor will seem to be straining and brush roll will slow down in low power mode. Furthermore, long hair will get entangled in the brushroll. There is no automatic mechanism to remove the tangled hair in the brush roll but the brushroll can be detached for cleaning. If you are vacuuming a lot of pet hair, you will find yourself having to clean the brushroll frequently. You should never use it to vacuum cat litter because it is not designed for the task. It is not suitable for picking up larger debris that is about ¼ inch so you cannot use it to vacuum cat litter.

Small Dirt Bin

The 0.4 liters dirt bin has a small capacity so you need to empty it frequently. Removing the dirt bin is easy with the quick release latch. You simply press a button and a bottom door will open for you to remove the canister. To fit it back, you simply push it back in position until you hear a clicking sound. Sometimes, the dust will seep through the mesh and enter into the filter area but you can detach it by turning it around for cleaning afterwards.


Tineco A10 Hero is an affordable alternative to other high-end stick vacuum cleaners. It works great in cleaning furniture, hardwood floor, and stairs, but is not well-suited for deep cleaning. It comes with multiple features that can be compared to other high-budget stick vacuum cleaners. You even have the option to use a variety of tools as an attachment to this cleaning device.

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