Lefant M501-A Robotic Vacuum Review

By | 21.11.2020

Lefant M501-A is one of the top quality robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market. This cleaner comes with advanced free-move technology, allowing it to be less stuck in places like under the sofa or in a corner. The power is higher than other models in the same range, giving it a slight edge on the performance when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners.

The unibody design makes it ideal for moving around more freely and also comes with a supersized capacity, allowing it to collect more dust and dirt before you need to clean it out. The Lefant M501-A incorporates some of the most advanced features, like automatically returning to the charging dock when the power is running low, so your cleaning remains uninterrupted, even without you paying attention.

The cleaner also has a built-in anti-fall feature that makes it safe from falling off a shelf or a stair. It also supports a remote feature that allows you to control the machine using your smartphone from the comfort of your couch. The polished design and the round shape prevents it from scratching or damaging your precious furniture in any way. The minimal sound level makes sure that no one in your house is disturbed from their sleep.

Lefant M501-A robot vacuum

Product features

The Lefant M501-A comes with some of the most advanced features you can hope to find in a robotic vacuum cleaner. Some of the main features of this cleaner has been explained in detail in the list given below.

• The advanced free-move technology offers dynamic safety to the cleaner. The sensors prevent the cleaner from getting stuck in tough spots and corners. There are also infrared sensors at the bottom of the cleaner that keep the cleaner from falling off the stairs or any other high position. It also stops the cleaner from accidentally scratching or damaging any part of your room’s furniture.

• The special unibody design offers the cleaner more freedom to get into tough spots and clean better. The design makes it more flexible and thinner, allowing it to move around faster and more precisely. There is no nook and cranny in the house that the cleaner won’t get to. Along with that, the one-button start feature offers you the ease of starting the cleaner and letting it take care of the cleaning.

• The Lefant robot vacuum has enough power to run itself as a professional housekeeper. The strong and powerful 2000 PA suction force allows the cleaner to clean almost 90% of any dust, dirt, and debris that can be found around the house. Different surfaces are no challenge either as the cleaner is powerful enough to clean any surface from hardwood floors to carpets effectively.

• The cleaner is compatible with smart remote pairing, which allows you to control it using a simple app on your smartphone. Aside from that, it can also be directly paired with Alexa or Google Assistant over any wireless network, and you can control it through them.

Lefant robot vacuum cleaner
• The cleaner has a built-in 280 ml water tank and a 600 ml dust box. The supersized capacity is suitable for long cleaning sessions and reduces your worry about emptying the cleaner frequently.

• The cleaner’s seamless body design is not only for a more polished and aesthetic look, but also prevents any kind of harmful dust and debris from entering into the machinery. This sturdy design makes it way more durable than similar cleaners available in the market. It is also stronger and reduces any chances of having a malfunction.

Lefant M501-A Pros and Cons


• The motors are really powerful and produce a suction force strong enough to pick up stray pet hairs from almost any kind of surface. Apart from hairs, any lighter dust and debris can be easily picked up by your house floor motors.

• The machine does a really good job on different types of floors, and the transition is seamless so that the cleaner can keep up its performance on hardwood floors and light carpets. The advanced sensors and the powerful suction help it easily pick up dust from these surfaces, which are often missed by conventional vacuum cleaners.

• The motors in the cleaner are very quiet despite being powerful and do not disturb your sleep.

• The cleaner has a mopping option as well, and two mops come with it, so you can use the same cleaner for dusting, cleaning, and mopping your house. The large water tank also ensures that it cleans the floor uninterrupted.

Lefant M501-A vacuum
• The cleaner has a smart sensor, which helps it to return to the charging dock whenever the battery runs low. This feature comes in very handy since the cleaner can return to the dock irrespective of where it’s placed, and this system reduces the amount of human interruption required for charging.

• The water tank and the dust bag have a large size. The bigger size makes sure that the cleaner keeps on running without any frequent interruptions. Also, it makes sure that a large portion of the house is cleaned before it needs to be emptied.

• The Lefant M501-A is very easy to clean. The compartments can be easily taken out and cleaned and do not require much hassle. It also comes with brushes to clean the dust bag and the water tank.


• Sometimes, the suction force drops in the cleaner, even when it’s set on high. The uneven suction force causes a problem in the cleaner while taking up bigger debris like bread crumbs. This issue has been seen with some of the models.

• The added storage and water tank increases the weight of the cleaner, and as a result, it moves around pretty slowly.

• The remote application for the phone has not been fully developed and lacks adequate features.

• The mopping system is not fully developed, causing it to use too much water, and the floor remains wet for quite a considerable amount of time.

• There is no particular movement pattern followed by the cleaner, but it moves in random directions.

Bottom line

The Lefant M501-A comes with almost all the features you would expect from a robotic cleaner. It can be run using your smartphone or any virtual assistant device, and the same cleaner can be used for vacuuming and mopping. You do not need to worry about charging it as it automatically returns to the charging station when the power is low.

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