Coredy R300 Review

By | 08.09.2020

Coredy R300 is a low-level, easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner. It has many advanced features, and that’s often why so many people really like it – and it does its job well.

It is a compact unit with good suction, a few side brushes, a multi-layer air filtration system and features that make it one of the most used robot vacuums in its class.

Coredy R300 Review

Features and specifications

Coredy R300 is designed to clean bare floors and low-level tapestries. Although the drive system is well designed to allow the device to climb obstacles 0.59 inches (15 mm) in height, it is not made for cleaning medium-and high-stack tapestries and surface teats.

Dust scrapers and Two side and combined with a very high suction capacity of 1400 Pa, can completely clean different types of bare floors and low-level carpets.

It can be used for vacuuming thick area rugs and medium or high pile carpets. But because the machine lacks a spinning brush, it can’t clean the dust and hair, deeply embedded and other dirt.

Due to its size, it can be reached and clean under most beds sofas and. The width of the unit is 12.6 inches (32 cm) and the height is only 2.7 cm.

Battery Capacity

It is powered by a 14.4 volt high-capacity 2600 mAh lithium ion battery packed in ample power to keep bare floors constant for up to 110 minutes of service. The operating time is a little shorter if the unit needs to climb and vacuum tapes-however, it will easily clean fairly large areas for one battery charge.

Once the cleaning mission is completed or the battery is discharged, it returns automatically to the charging station and charges itself. Depending on its condition, the fully discharged battery can be charged within 4-5 hours.

Coredy R300 Vacuum Cleaner


One of the best features is the collection of sensors that allow the unit to resume cleaning tasks after loading. The unit does not have an advanced mapping system, but resumes its work if necessary!

Coredy R300 Vacuum Cleaner
There is also a drop-resistance sensor; the unit also cleans the stairs of your house securely. The sensor prevents the unit from falling off the stairs.

Unit also does not allow the use of magnetic boundary strips and virtual barrier walls. If you need to prevent it from leaving anywhere, just close the doors.

Remote control And Dust Box Capacity

Coredy R300 lacks WiFi, and many of its users praise the lack of this feature. The device is operated via simple IR remote control and its settings are configured using this remote IR, including 7-day scheduled cleaning tasks.

The capacity of R300 is 300ml as comparing to the model Coredy R500 which has 500ml, R300 capacity is sufficient for regular cleaning when the dirt cup has been vacuumed.

Cleaning methods

Coredy R300
Coredy R300 provides a variety of cleaning methods, including:

Automatic cleaning mode: randomly slide the device, clean the surface until the battery is discharged or the dirt sensors do not feel the soil surface dirt. Automatic cleaning mode ends with Edge Cleaning Mode, after which the unit returns and reloads to the charging station, waiting for another cleaning task. If the battery is discharged before the area is cleaned, the unit will resume cleaning after recharging.

Rim Cleaning Mode: unit follows and cleans the edges of walls and furniture.

Cleaning spot Mode: cleans the unit area about 1 meter in diameter, first going out and then inward, finishing at the point of departure.

Low Suction Cleaning Mode: Cleaner runs with lower suction, power retention and lower noise generation, recommended for night-time vacuuming.

Single room cleaning: clean the unit within 30 minutes, then stop cleaning and return to the charging station automatically.

All of these cleaning modes can be easily set using the IR remote control unit, including its scheduled weekly tasks. Air filtration is based on a mechanical pre-filter and a high-efficiency air filter-Coredy does not say that this air filter is the actual HEPA standard, but air filtration is quite strong.

Planned cleaning up

One of the most useful features of this Coredy R300 is that it is possible to configure your cleaning. The unit can be cleaned up to seven times a week on schedule. And while you’re gone, the app is going to clean your house successfully.

Coredy R300 Maintenance

It is very easy to maintain, as stated earlier. Maintenance tasks shall include:

After every step of washing, empty the dirt cup.

Cleaning the main air filter once or twice regularly by tapping it on the hard surface to remove dust and other small parts from the filter surface. Some users will also tap the filter inside the trashcan while emptying the dirt cup. The main air filter should be replaced every 2-3 months, depending on the form of vacuum and debris.

Front caster plate, side brushes, cliff and floor monitoring sensors, loading contacts and other equipment should be cleaned weekly. The side brushes should be replaced if they are clearly worn out and cannot do their job properly.

All replacement parts can be found in online stores, just order the exact vacuum of the robot you’ve got.

Dirt Bin: clean it after every use. For example, let the unit clean your home every day and empty the dirt bins in the morning / evening.

Lateral brushes: when clearly worn, remove the side brushes – the frequency of replacement is highly dependent on floors and surface conditions.

High-performance Air Filter: tap the rough internal surface of your trashcan once or twice a week to remove dust and other tiny debris from the air filter. Because the output of the unit depends on this air filter, make sure that it is replaced every 2 months.

robot vacuum cleaner
Coredy R300 has good suction, a pair of side pins, a variety of sensors, super-powerful, remote IR, good air filtering, and other features required to clean bare floors and low-level tapestries thoroughly.

Certain tasks include keeping the device clean – cleaning the charging station every month, charging vacuum brushes, side brushes, caster rollers, main wheels, cliffs and floor sensors, etc.

In case you are searching for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that does your job well and helps the user maintain a clean and comfortable home, think about this model.

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