Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | 06.12.2020

Robot vacuum cleaners have become unnecessarily sophisticated over the past few years. While they feature a few innovative technologies to act like cleaning assistants, the fancy bells and whistles associated with them keep certain categories of people away.

The modern Yeedi K600 aims to eliminate the hassle associated with a robot – especially if you are not a tech freak. The cleaner is tailor made for those with no passion for technology, a bunch of super simple features and a straightforward operation – charge, start and stop.

The K600 model looks good and sleek. It is particularly built for those who require a household cleaner without too much care and maintenance, as well as first time robot vacuum users who do not want any headache from sophisticated machinery.

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Design and appearance

The cleaner is compact and features a simplistic appearance. It is quite circular – 13×12.8 inches. The slight imperfection is given by the bumper in front of it – ideal for small bumps. It is just over three inches in height – slightly taller than other units in this price range. However, it can still fit under most types of furniture. In terms of weight, it goes up to 6.72 pounds – heavier than its competition, but better built.

The top features scratch resistant tempered glass. It is not bulletproof, but it will be able to take bangs and drops – it will also resist pets. Overall, it represents a good upgrade from the classic plastic top in other robot cleaners. The top also allows room for the start button – easy operation, no sophisticated features.

Sides are based on hard plastic – you will also spot the on and off button there. Other than that, there are a couple of dual brushes coming out of it and pushing dirt underneath. They are not the most efficient features on carpets – you might consider the Makita DRC200Z industrial robot vacuum if you want a heavy duty operation. They work wonders on wooden floors and tiles though.

The bottom side features a V shaped roller brush that does most of the work. When running on carpet, the unit kicks so push dust in the air. The V shape is responsible for the low maintenance – extra dirt will be pushed off instead of clogging the unit. On the same note, the 600ml dustbin is large enough for a few good operations throughout your entire home.

You will notice a bunch of bells and whistles in the Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner in terms of design and operation. You have a few extras – four brushes and a spare filter, a rounded charging dock designed to sit against the wall and the possibility to charge the vacuum directly. The unit comes with remote control as well – more modes, the possibility to send it home and movement.

Yeedi K600 Setup and operation

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum
The Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner comes with three different running modes. The automatic mode is classic – the cleaner will move randomly and will go from one place to another until you set it to go home or its battery drains. Double click the button for this mode and the cleaner will go into the turbo mode – two times more suction power, which is suitable for heavy messes or deep carpets.

The spot mode and edge mode are not to be overlooked either. The spot mode is self explanatory – the cleaner will insist on a certain area. You will have to carry the cleaner to the respective spot though. As for the edge mode, Yeedi K600 will focus on the areas close to walls and furniture. These are usually the areas that most people overlook during their daily cleaning procedures.

The robot vacuum cleaner is pretty simplistic and lacks some fancy and bells that its competition may have. For example, it does not have its own application and it will not connect wirelessly, meaning you cannot set schedules either. There are no magnetic barriers either – obstacles will be the only barriers in front of your robot. However, if you truly want it to focus on certain areas, opt for spot cleaning.

But on a more positive note, you will be pleasantly surprised by the battery. When fully charged, the robot cleaner will go almost two hours continuously. It is more than enough to fully clean a large room. If the battery runs low, the cleaner will naturally return to the charging station to fill up. It takes around four hours to fully charge the battery.

Performance and capabilities

Performance is one of the things that really matter when it comes to robot cleaners. This unit relies on a superior brushless motor. This type is relatively quiet and barely comes out at 55dB when running at top power. To help you get a better idea of how it feels like, imagine having your microwave turned on. Other than that, brushless motors are known for being sound and not requiring too much maintenance.

Yeedi K600 review
In terms of power, the Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner will go up to 14KPa. This is the type of standard you will find in small upright cleaners too. It is more than enough for the most common types of dirt. Dust or crumbs will never be an issue, but you can also use it to get rid of little pebbles, rice, rock salt and so on. Sometimes, it may not get the job done from the first attempt, but it keeps moving over and over again until the area is tidy.

The triple filter in the cleaner represents one of the innovations associated with this cleaner. It can compare to sophisticated air purifiers, as it will successfully eliminate 99% of dust mites – great for those suffering from allergies and irritations. It is not a HEPA filter though – this standard goes up to 99.97%. Compared to a HEPA filter, the K600 cannot grab mold spores and pollen, but there are other tools for such issues.

The automatic – or general – operation is totally random and this aspect could be a slight disappointment for some. Some more advanced robots are able to map the area and ensure they do not miss any spots. The K600 will eventually cover the whole area though, but it may get over some places more frequently. Simply let it run and go do something else, rather than keep an eye on what it is doing.


• Excellent value for money
• Durable low maintenance brushless motor
• Easy to run and operate – no experience required
• Solid materials in its composition
• Superior filter


• Automatic mode comes with random patterns


As a short final conclusion, Yeedi K600 is a powerful robot vacuum that can outweigh its competition. It is strong and runs without making too much noise, while the large dustbin ensures you will not have to empty it too often.

The cleaner is mostly suitable for small houses and middle sized apartments. It does not have any magnetic boundaries, so it will clean everything around – you may have to close doors to prevent it from escaping. You do have spot cleaning if you want it to focus on a certain area though.

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