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Handling large scale renovations, floods, or floors is nothing for this machine. This is a wonderful and versatile vacuum that is designed to give you the best cleaning experience. CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 is ideal for tackling bigger clean-up projects. For example, you can use it in your job site, garage, or any place where you need more power.Craftsman Cmxevbe17595 vacuum

It comes with different nozzle attachments including a utility nozzle, a car nozzle, and wet nozzle. It also comes with a diameter hose with Dual-Flex that resists crushing and kinks. It also has onboard accessory storage that helps you to keep everything organised.

CMXEVBE17595 is equipped with many more innovative features like Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System that allows you to quickly change the filter. Overall, this is a great cleaning tool equipped with all the right features. Unlike Vacmaster VWM510, it comes with a wheelbase meaning you don’t have to buy it separately.

High Suction Power

This machine is designed for larger cleaning projects. It is suitable for job sites and garages. This is a heavy-duty machine that comes with a powerful 6.5 peak HP. This provides extra power for large projects in the shop, garage, and on the job site. This is the perfect cleaning solution for those looking for a high-performance vacuum. It has shop vacs that can such up water and even heavy debris. Not just that but you can also use it as a blower to blow leaves and grass off your porch.

Less Noisy

Craftsman Cmxevbe17595

One of the main problems with most vacuums is that they make a lot of noise. But with CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595, you don’t have to deal with any such thing. It produces very little noise and thus, allows you to clean easily. With this machine, you can clean at any time you want without disturbing your family members or neighbours.

On-board Storage

One thing you will love about CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 is that it provides on-board storage for all the accessories and hose. This will help you to keep everything organised. Unlike other vacuum machines, you don’t have to deal with messy situations.


The hose provided with the vacuum is equipped with DUAL-FLEX TECHNOLOGY for 180-degree mobility at each end to resist crushing and kinking. This allows you to use the hose without worrying about getting it damaged. Also, it will provide you longer service than another hose within this range.

Long-Power Cord

Craftsman Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 comes with a 20 ft long power cord which allows you to reach longer distances. Unlike other vacuums, you don’t have to carry the entire machine with you while carrying. This makes it easier for you to complete your cleaning task. Also, you can reach extra-longer with the machine still plugged in.


• Powerful suction;
• Suitable for larger projects;
• Comes with a wheelbase;
• Powerful motor;
• 20ft long power cord;
• Less noisy;


• Large size;
• Low material quality.


CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 is a versatile vacuum that is designed for larger cleaning projects like shops, job sites, and garages. It comes with a powerful motor that delivers you high suction power. With this machine, you can get done with your work in no time. It makes cleaning easier. It is equipped with many useful features like wheelbase which allows you to move the machine easily. Not just that, but it is also less noisy and more efficient in cleaning. It comes with a long power cord that allows you to reach extra-longer distances.

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