Shark Apex ZS362 Review

Shark Apex ZS362 could be the ideal choice for those living in small houses or flats. It is great for medium-sized places as well, yet you might need something bigger for a large home – it might as well make a great second cleaner for fast cleanups. The unit is corded and features no bags.… Read More »

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Review

The Kenmore Intuition BU4022 upright corded vacuum cleaner, is a versatile unit, provides a cleaning performance on a few different surfaces. It is built with light materials and requires little to no maintenance. However, compared to other similar cleaners, it is a bit bulkier and might be challenging to handle in hardly accessible areas. With… Read More »

ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Review

Featuring a classic upright design, a bunch of high end features and excellent value for money, ProTeam ProForce 1500XP might be the best vacuum cleaner for your home. While it does come with a few innovations, there are no fancy bells and whistles that only add to its price. From some points of view, it… Read More »

EyeVac Pet Touchless Vacuum Cleaner Review

EyeVac has managed to take innovation to another level. If you expect vacuum cleaning to be about carrying a machine all over the house to suck dust and debris, the EyeVac Pet Touchless Vacuum Cleaner is different. It is fixed and it implies bringing the dirt to it in order to suck it in and… Read More »

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 Review

Widely known as producers of high-quality vacuum cleaners, the Bissell Company introduces another model called the 18P03 that aims to upscale and enhance hassle-free cleaning modes. The Bissell Garage Pro 18po3 is a type of a wall-mounted vacuum designed for dry and wet seasons. It is made to manage disarray in workshops, basements, or garages.… Read More »

Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum Review

Technology and practice go hand in hand these days and robot vacuum cleaners seem to take over – chill on your sofa while the cleaner does everything for you. In an apparently losing battle against pet hair, fur and dander, the Goovi D380 robot vacuum seems to challenge your expectations and provide excellent results after… Read More »

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Review

The Kenmore Elite 31150 has been designed to offer a versatile cleaning experience, especially in houses with pets. The cleaner has special blades with high RPM that easily cleans the pet hair from different surfaces. The cleaner is designed to clean any floor that is difficult to clean normally. The Kenmore 31150 also an in-built… Read More »

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Robot vacuum cleaners have become unnecessarily sophisticated over the past few years. While they feature a few innovative technologies to act like cleaning assistants, the fancy bells and whistles associated with them keep certain categories of people away. The modern Yeedi K600 aims to eliminate the hassle associated with a robot – especially if you… Read More »